Do you know roasted buckwheat recipes for vegan?

Hello, my name is Silly. I’ve read a lot about buckwheat diet, and it is quite unusual for me. Hope you can give me answers to some questions before I start keeping to this diet. What can you say about roasted buckwheat recipes for a vegan? All I know about how to cook buckwheat is put it into boiling water, bring to a boil, stir occasionally on high heat until ready. I heard that raw buckwheat groats and buckwheat flour are gluten free. So have lots of health benefits.

Besides, I like cooking toasting buckwheat with olive oil. Is it healthy? In general, how much cups of water do I need for cooking this cereal? My general questions concerning this topic are the following.

First of all, how to use buckwheat in recipes? Do you know some tasty meals? There are so many recipes on the Internet, and they are so different that I cannot choose. Secondly, as I am a vegan, I hope you know some methods for vegans who are on buckwheat diet. What about roasted buckwheat recipe? I’m looking forward to your answers, thanks!

roasted buckwheat

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Hello, Silly! I am surprised that a vegan needs an additional strict diet. Don`t you think it`s a bit too much? No judgment though. Let`s cook something delicious. Boil and simmer a cup of buckwheat till soft. Chop the onion and cut the carrot, chilly and bell peppers as you prefer. Roast onion a bit in a large frying pan, add the carrot and peppers then, stir gently for about 3 minutes. Now it`s time to add a teaspoon of tomato paste with some water (a cup will be just fine). Cover and wait for 3 minutes more. Finally, add the buckwheat with spices to your taste and mix everything. Your dish is ready now. Bon appetite!

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