I need some yoga exercises to do in the morning, any ideas?


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Greetings everybody, thanks for your permanent willing to help, I have just 3 questions to ask and then i will leave you until I will get some another questions, so be prepared. Well,my next question is somehow connected with my previous one about warm up but this one is about morning exercises – it is warm up for me when i wake up and feel really sleepy. I don’t ask whether i need to do yoga in the morning or not, i will do it, I just need sone energizing exercises and i want you to share with them here. Looking forward to your answers!

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    Hi Mary!

    It is really cool to see the fellow yoga fan here! Here is what I have for you:
    Those attachments above are one of my favourite morning yoga exercises, so feel free to try some of those.
    Though I have to admit that such type of activity needs you to be prepared with your mindset and physical strength (obviously). What I meant to say is that you have to feeling mentally calm and have enough of that stretching experience. Do not worry though, everything comes with time! It can be hard for a while, but just try more and do not forget to practice every day (morning in your case)!

    In addition, I suggest trying such yoga exercise (my favourite one)— the Scorpion:

    1.Place your forearms onto the ground/ carpet;
    2.Make the forearm stand and start slowly arching your back;
    3. Bend your knees and try drawing your toes to the ground/ carpet;
    4. Surprise,surprise!! You have already learned one cool and quite important yoga position! 🙂

    I do hope you will like such piece of advice! Stay calm and do yoga, buddy💆🏽‍♀️🧘🏽‍♀️

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    Here is the other one!

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