What are the best sets of exercises to improve the abs using the yoga ball?

Hello everybody, I am Silva, and I continue to bombard you with my questions about sport and yoga because here you can give many opinions and answers and I will be able to understand the average thoughts. So, my next question is connected again with yoga and again with exercises – now I want to get information about exercises, specially created for improving abs – I have read, that they must be performed on the yoga ball for the better experience. So, what can you tell me about this?

What exercises can you pass me so I could start them right today? What are the best sets of exercises that can help to improve the abs using the yoga ball? How to choose a high-quality fitness ball for an acceptable price? Is this exercise ball really effective? Can I both burn the fat and pump up my abs using this balancing ball?
Looking forward to your answers!

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Hello Silva! You must try these exerises, they are very helpful!

Stability Ball Crunch

A basic stability ball crunch can be one of the most beneficial ab exercises using the ball. This exercise should be performed SLOW and with control. Fast, bouncing, and jerky movements will have no effect and will use momentum instead of muscles to move through each exercise.

Stability Ball Oblique Crunch


This exercise is very similar to the previous one, only this time the focus is on the obliques. To do this exercise, you will start the same as the basic crunch. As you are ready to “crunch” up you will rotate to engage your RIGHT obliques. As you lift your chest, simultaneously twist your shoulders to the right.

Russian Twists on the Stability Ball


This exercise can be performed with or without a dumbbell, depending on your ability. It focuses on the obliques and twisting from the torso. To get into the correct position, walk your feet a few inches further in front of you so that your shoulder blades, neck, and head are supported on the ball. Your thighs and torso should be parallel to the floor with your glutes engaged.

Leg Lowers


Adding a stability ball to this popular exercise adds just the slightest bit of extra resistance, making the exercise more challenging. Start by laying on your back with your arms by your sides and your spine glued to the mat. Place the ball between your feet and use your inner thighs to slightly squeeze the ball. Extend your legs straight up to the ceiling and engage your abdominals.Lower your legs, reaching them out away from you, to a point where you feel like you’re just about to lose your abdominal engagement, then pull the ball back up focussing on the lower abdominals. Make sure your never go too low, keep your abs tight the entire time, and your back always glued to the mat. Complete 10 repetitions.



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