Is duke rice diet useful for everybody? How to strict to it in true way?

Welcome everybody, my name is Mary, and I am 23. I want to get more information about duke rice diet because I had the useful conversation with my friends and during this discussing one of them mentioned this diet and also good results because of it. So, I want to listen to your opinions about duke rice diet – have you tried it, is it natural or no, what can I eat, do I have to do sport etc. Maybe it is dangerous for some people because of a lack of vitamins, or it is to heavy for liver or other organs? Looking forward to your answers.

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Hello, Mary!
The diet you are interested in was created for a definite purpose – to help people cure their heart diseases and protect from diabetes by fastly getting rid of extra weight. The studies at Duke University showed that eating rice improves blood pressure and makes it hardly possible for diabetes to appear. The Diet Rice program became very popular not only in the USA. It has three stages. The Basic one lasts for a week. You are allowed to eat 2 fruits and 2 types of complex carbohydrates during each meal only on the first day. The other 6 days are for lacto-vegetarian rice diet plan with whole grains and dairy.
The first week is all about cleansing and preparing the body for a healthy weight loss.

During the second stage, we have a Basic Diet day and 5 lacto-vegetarian ones, the 7th day is the beginning of the Vegetarian+ Rice Diet with some protein for the dinner. Natural sodium consumption is the goal.
The Maintenance stage is the last one. It has even more food diversity. During the first month, people lose up to 15 kilograms and a kilogram or 1,5 kg per week while following the diet later. So the key is to follow the rules strictly. Challenging? Quite a lot! I guess you should discuss it with your doctor. Take care!

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