What pilates workout is effective to be done at home? 

Hi! I’m Jane. Recently I’ve decided to try something new.

My choice stopped on pilates. Is it a good choice?  I want to lose several pounds and make my body stronger. I also want to do some exercises for stretching. However, I don’t have any equipment at home to do it.
Are there any exercises in pilates that don’t need any equipment? What pilates workout is effective to be done at home? How many times a week should I practice Pilates to see a noticeable result? How to breathe properly through Pilates exercises?

And the main question: is it effective to do pilates at home? I thought of watching some Youtube videos of trainers and follow their instructions. It will be interesting to read your point of view.

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Hello Jane! I am following these exercises and tips:

Half Roll-Down

This warms up the body, giving it a road map of what you expect out of it for the rest of the series, from the lower abs, to the spine, to the back of the legs.

Glute Bridge

This move is the aspirin of the body. Neck pain, lazy glutes, sciatica—the glute bridge can almost always fix it if done properly.

Standing Side Kick Series

Standing up to do this series, rather than lying down, allows for more muscle engagement throughout the leg and helps build balance.

Side Plank

Side planks help with balance and stability, as they work every part of the core—front, back, and everything in between.

Lower Lift

This is a great exercise to help engage the lower belly.


Not only does this work the obliques, but spinal rotation is key for overall spine health.

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