Is it okey to do a 315 squat for the first time next week?

Hello! As I’m doing squats already for a long time. It is necessary to regularly increase the load. I exercise 3 times a week – on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. My trainer advised me to use the program of glute exercises. There you can find the best exercises to make the outstanding buttocks. It helped me a lot in achieving my goal.

Besides, I am a real fan of Tabata training. It learns how to keep the intervals and what stuff to use. As I don’t have enough time to attend the gym. I prefer workouts at home. This kind of activity ensures the result in a short period of time. As I usually do not have enough time to do my workouts. But I need to see the result as soon as possible. Tabata training is a perfect training program for me.

But let’s come back to the main point. As I decided to gain outstanding buttocks. Most of my workout routine I do the squats. Gradually increasing the load I do 300 squats on the third day of routine. So I have a question to you guys.

  • Is it okay to do a 315 squat for the first time next week?

Looking forward to your answers and recommendations. Thanks in advance!

Is it okey to do a 315 squat for the first time next week?

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Hi, Emily!
Every girl wants to know how to make the outstanding buttocks and look beautiful. And doing squats is a really good decision. Due to that fact that earlier you were engaged in hard Tabata training, it is obvious that you do such a bid number of squats on the third day. But still, you should change your program a little, because, in my opinion, it is not okay to do a 315 squat for the first time next week.
I recommend you to listen to the piece of advice of experienced people:

1. In the first month of training, the program should be facilitated: minimum sets with a minimum quantity of repetitions.
2. Start with shallow squats. It means that the lower point is defined by the hips, that are paralleled to the floor.
3. It is not necessary to take dumbbells or bars immediately. In the first month of squats, you should work without weight (at least for girls).
4. Examine the correct technique of execution.
5. The general purpose of such programs for both men and girls is to lose weight and correct the figure. But men also want to build up the muscle mass and improve the strength. Girls – strengthen the buttocks and remove cellulite.
6. Contraindications: the presence of injuries and fractures, diseases of the joints and problems with the locomotor apparatus, back pain and knees, pregnancy and lack of flexibility.
7. Strong pain after training – a signal to stop them or to change the program of classes (reduce the number of repetitions, for example).
8. Do not start training without warming up exercises, otherwise, injuries cannot be avoided.
9. Watch your breath, which is very important in squatting: inhale – squat, exhale – lifting.

Also, you should know about another very important point. If you have not been able to make the required number of repetitions – it does not mean that you need to despair and start training from the beginning. Continue to do them and do as many squats as you can.

Approximate scheme of your program
1) It is desirable to work every day, but once a week have a good rest. If men choose to squat with a barbell, you can have training only three days a week.
2) The recommended number of sets is 5.
3) The interval between the approaches for girls should be no more than 2 minutes, for men – no more than a minute.

These rules may seem hard to follow, but if you have set a clear goal – to master the program for 30 days, then you will soon realize that it is not so hard and these are useful advice that does not limit your actions and increase the effectiveness of training.
In the squad program for girls, the number of sets and repetitions is much smaller than for men. This is determined not only by the differences in power indicators. The main thing is that women need to pump their gluteus muscles, and for this purpose, the following parameters are included in the training scheme.

Hi Emily!
Honestly, 315 squat is so much for the beginning. I recommend you, if you can, to do squats with a barbell. It is harder, maybe it will cause decreasing of number of squats for you.

The complex of squats with a barbell on the shoulders
Weigh in. The resulting number is an approximate weight that you will need to lift. Load the barbell, it is desirable that the bar be on the stand at shoulder level, and be equipped with safety stops, so that if you fail, you will not fall to the floor along with the entire weight.
Remove the bar from the rack, place it on the shoulders, step back from the rack.
Do as many squats as you can, “rest” at the top of the exercise, if necessary, but don’t put the barbell back on the rack.
By limiting yourself, you will not be able to perform more repetitions than you intended.
Leaving weight on your shoulders while resting between repetitions is not just allowed, it is recommended. A good rule of thumb is to take one deep breath between repetitions for the first ten or so repetitions, then take more breaths as you need, while accumulating repetitions. If you are strong enough, then ultimately you will be able to spend about five minutes with a barbell on your shoulders. A solid amount of reps? 20. Phenomenal? 50.
In order to achieve the magic of 50 repetitions, you need to regularly train and perform high-intensity squats. In the first week, do one set of 20 reps. In the second – 2. In the third – 3 In the fourth week, put it all together.
Few advices:

Look down
Many coaches are advised to look up, since the bar comes up, but this is not true. Focus on a spot on the floor about a meter in front of you. This will help you not to overstress the spine, reducing the risk of injury.
Legs straight
A steady position will allow you to lift more weight more times. Put your legs shoulder-width apart, but if necessary, it can be a little narrower or wider. By turning your feet too much in or out, you increase the strain on your knee joints, which is bad for your legs. Keep your legs straight.

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