Is it possible to achieve the thigh gap? Provide me with workouts

Hello! Recently I started to work out more intensively. I practice full-body fat burning workouts for fast weight loss. Besides, want to improve my posture, so work on top 10 core fitness exercises that are easy to do. The effect is visible in 2 weeks. I’ve got more endurance. My body became fit and toned.

Though I still have some drawbacks. I notice fat deposits on some body parts. While my buttocks look good, due to the best glute exercises. My thigh gap is far from perfect. My friends advise me to reduce it. As my thigh gap spoils the figure. I am not actually tall. That is why it looks absolutely not attractive.

For 2 years I was engaged in swimming. I attended the swimming classes. During that time my body was fit and toned. Thigh gap was quite normal. But after I started going to the gym, I began to gain muscle mass. My slim body became more pumped. My endurance and strength increased. Such changes had its pros and cons. So my question to you guys is the following:

  • Is it possible to achieve the thigh gap? Provide me with effective workouts, please.

Looking forward to reading your suggestions. Thanks!

Is it possible to achieve the thigh gap?

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It is a really common problem of a big part of girls and women. I have the same problem so now I am trying to achieve a thigh gap and, therefore, do special exercises. After few weeks of trainings I see good results so I want to share them with you.

The problem of how to make the thigh gap is complicated because it’s difficult to use the muscles of the inside of the thigh. There are a few exercises that help to reduce and tighten this area. They include waves and classical squats. No less effective is a set of exercises with a gymnastic tape, which gives an additional load on the muscles. Another option is compression between the knees of a small ball to the time of burning.

The first effective exercise that describes how to make a gap between the legs has an unusual name “scissors.” It is because of the characteristic movements that are similar to the work of this tool. How to do it:
lie on the floor, pull out hands along the body; raise your legs about 30-40 cm; perform waves in the form of cross-cutting movements resembling the work of scissors; continue for at least 30 seconds.

The next exercise is also called due to the characteristic movements that are performed when you ride a bike.
Lying on the floor, pull hands along the body; lift legs, bend in knees; then proceed as if you are riding a bike trying to make the amplitude as much as possible; hold for at least 30 seconds, gradually increasing from time to time.

To train the muscles of the legs you can perform squats and all their varieties. Depending on the type of exercise, it helps to pump up one or another group of muscles of the lower extremities. The easiest option is to perform classic squats. To have a bigger effect and do slip or sumo. These two types of exercises have practically no differences. The difference is only in the form of feet.
After correct placement of legs ( according to the shoulder width), you can begin to perform the exercise:
Inhale, then slowly sit down to have an angle of 90 degrees in the knees, making sure that they do not stand up of the socks; exhale, then quickly rise up to return to the original position;
repeat 8-10 times

Another effective exercise that helps to have beautiful thigh gap is falls. By doing them, you will really feel the tension of the inside of each hip. Besides, this exercise has affect the back surface, buttocks, quadriceps and smaller leg muscles that are difficult to pump up. At the beginning you can perform exercises without encumbrance. When the amount of exercise begin to decrease, it is worth adding an additional load in the form of dumbbells.
Stay straight, hands are positioned on the belt; with the right foot make a step forward and bend it to the angle of 90 degrees at the knees, while keeping your back straight and watching that the knee reaches the level of the foot; then return to the original position; repeat 8-10 times for each leg.

So, hope you will achieve a desirable thigh gap.

Hi, Emily!

I know that losing weight in the buttocks and the inside of the thigh is the hardest, but there are ways to remove fat between the legs – to have a healthy diet and do exercises. Besides, there are some cosmetic methods that can help you to make a thigh gap. And it is important to know how to do it correctly to have results and do not hurt yourself. I want to share with you some methods that helped me to get amazing results and worth to try. But, you should know that they are not appropriate for everyone, but is quite interesting and almost every woman have already tried them.


The massaging movements of the problem zone are one of the good ways to remove fat between legs. They provide blood flow to tissues, therefore you lose weight and became slimmer. There are several options for massage:

– With a rigid washcloth. It is performed in the shower with the help of circular rubbing movements. It would be great if your washcloth was made of natural fibers. After this procedure, you can additionally make masks or wraps.
– Honey massage. This type of massage is very effective, especially for making the thigh gap. To do it, you should apply lightly warmed honey to the problem areas and after that massage them. After light redness, the skin should be washed with warm water.


To get rid of cellulite, remove swelling and make your skin be toned –  make a wrap. The essence of this procedure is the application of an anti-cellulite mixture to the skin and the subsequent wrapping of the problem zone with a food film. After that, you should wear something warm and wait about an hour, and then rinse off and apply a moisturizer. Here are some recipes for wraps:

– 3-4 drops of cinnamon oil, orange or rosemary;
– 3 tablespoons dry laenaria, diluted with water to obtain a viscous mixture;
– several tablespoons of clay, also diluted with water to a dense sour cream.

I confidently recommend these methods for you. I am sure that if you do not try them, you will regret.

It is really possible to achieve a thigh gap, but do not forget that to get visible results you must make a big effort. I have worked so hard and it really worth it. So I want to share my knowledge with you.

How to achieve a thigh gap:
Whenever you have an excess of fat, it is necessary to deal with it in several ways. It is important to change the diet and do sport. I recommend you to read about nutrition trends in 2019 to eat healthy and lose weight. Also, there are a few different procedures that are easy to do at home. There are massage and wraps that help to reduce the volume of the problem area. Results you can achieve by:
healthy nutrition – removes toxins and excess fluid;
sport – increases muscle mass, helps to burn fat;
wraps – also remove excess water;
massage – strengthens blood circulation, tightens the skin.

It is necessary to change your nutrition principles to lose weight and stay fit. Having a balanced diet, you can remove fat not only between the legs but throughout the whole body. The main principles of nutrition for girls:
1. Simple fast carbohydrates.
You must exclude them. It means that you are not allowed to eat sweets and other products with sugar, flour, corn, potatoes, alcohol, bread.
2. Complex carbohydrates. On the contrary, it is necessary to increase consuming such products as cabbage, salad, cucumbers, spinach, grapefruit and different kinds of groats.
3. Proteins. You should increase the number of proteins in your diet. The main part of the diet must belong to low-fat foods with high protein content. Therefore you should eat chicke, salmon, low-fat yogurt and cheese, eggs, meat and fish. Per day you should consume 1,5–2 g per kilogram of your weight.
4. Calorie content. To lose weight, you need to create a calorie deficit of 300-400 kcal. It means that you should spend more calories than you eat per day.

The second secret to remove fat between the legs is doing sport. Physical exercises help to spend more energy per day and create the necessary calorie deficit. Moreover, because of sport, you can make your whole body be toned and accelerate the burning of fat, which is gradually replaced by muscles. To achieve the thigh gap, you need to do sport at least 3 times a week, having a rest of 1-2 days between trainings. The most effective exercises for obtaining the gap between the hips are: squatting – including plumage and sumo; falls – engage practically all muscles of the legs; scissors and bike – also aimed to train the muscles of the press; gymnastics in the form of stretching or simple morning exercises, that helps to make your body more beautiful and slender.

To conclude, you should know that for some people, slim hips with a thigh gap is simply physically impossible. Whether you get results or not – it depends on genes and body structure. Many women have the thighs very close to each other, so that a large gap can not be visible, even if their legs are not thick at all.

Hi Emily!

If you are here, then you are overcome with the desire to get rid of cone-shaped or square legs and give them attractive roundness. To do this, you need to direct all the forces to the muscles of the legs. In particular, on their outer part. The muscle in this location is called the lateral head of the quadriceps.

If you decide to work out in the gym, then a set of exercises will look like this:

Front squats

One of the best exercises for the development of the muscles of the hips. Many bodybuilders use it to give roundness to their legs, but this does not mean that it is not suitable for women.

On the contrary, due to the anatomical features you will be able to crouch with almost perfectly back. Legs should be set shoulder-width apart and crouched down to parallel with the floor. Perform 3-4 sets of 10-15 repetitions.

Front squats can be replaced by squats with narrow legs.

Thus, the outer thigh will be loaded. However, you yourself will feel it. Here you are free to use either the Smith simulator or the barbell. Perform 3-4 sets of 10-15 repetitions.

And now our favorite attacks

But we will do them in a somewhat non-standard manner. Attacks are most conveniently performed with dumbbells, since in this case the center of gravity descends, and we have a more stable body position.

How to do the exercise? Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart. Put one foot back and sideways in the direction of the front foot, as illustrated in the photo. Return to the starting position and repeat the same steps for the second leg. Perform 3-4 sets of 12-20 repetitions.

You can complete the training with classic attacks.

Using dumbbells, a barbell or Smith’s simulator as a burden. You need to perform 2-3 sets of 12-20 repetitions.

Before exercise, do not forget to warm up well. Perform rotational movements with your hands and feet. Do a few bends and squats. And you can also walk along the treadmill or twist the pedals of the exercise bike.

And after completing the class, take a few minutes to hitch up: restore your breath and stretch the tired muscles. And one more important note! During the final approaches of each exercise, use the weightlifting belt, it will help keep your waist thin.

These exercises will help you to achieve the thigh gap!

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