Is there a relation between physical fitness and vegetarian diets?

Hello! I have been in the sport for many years. Now I am thinking of becoming a vegetarian, but I have some questions. I understand that vegetarianism has lots of advantages and outstanding impact on our health, for example, prevent from heart diseases, diabetes, obesity and many others. But the main thing I am afraid of is a relation between fitness and vegetarianism. Could the lack of animal proteins have a terrible effect on my physique? What are the disadvantages of the vegetarian diet? How does the meal plan look like? Hope you will give me the answers.

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Hello! I like your questions and appreciate your choice to become a vegetarian. I wonder what are you going to eat correctly? People who refuse to consume red meat but still have chicken, eggs, fish and dairy food on their menus often call themselves vegetarians, but they are not. I prefer the term “pseudo vegetarians”. Moreover, I am like this. Red meat contains a lot of useful stuff, yes but other food can easily replace it. It is useless to discuss or connect dangers in pseudo-vegetarian sportsmen muscles or health.

Those who reject red meat, chicken, and fish but say yes to dairy products and eggs are called lactovegetarians. Maybe this is the plan you`ve chosen? If yes, I can assure you are not going to have any serious problems with your muscles conditioning. All that is needed, a decent amount of proteins in your daily diet. Have you ever heard about egg or soy protein powder? I`m sure it`s available in your neighbourhood if not, you can order them online.

So who`s left under the risk? Of course, those who deny all kinds of meat, chicken, fish, milk products, cheese, butter or even honey. True vegans have little chance to grow muscles. And this question is not even debatable, the point of view is shared by most fitness coaches and nutritionists. Various protein powders exist, and some amounts of them do contain vegetables and fruit, but only 50% of this kind of protein is being assimilated. And when it comes to an animal protein, the number grows to 95-98%.

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