Is there any 12 week bodybuilding diet program? Whether there are any short-term diets?

Hello there! I’m here again to ask you more about bodybuilding diets. I don’t have enough time to follow a long-term, complicate food because I am a very busy person, but I’ve heard a lot about bodybuilding diets and their amazing effects on the body. I am looking for something, that will help me lose my extra weight in a short time and without significant efforts. So, I want to ask you whether there are any short-term bodybuilding diets? Or, maybe, at least which will last for 12 weeks? It will be awesome if you also recommend me which food I should better eat during this diet and which should I avoid. Thanks a lot! Looking forward to your replies.

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I think the best 12 week dieting plan for losing weight is the following. Of course the key to your success is training hard. Really hard. And you cannot be lazy to count calories.
Here is my nutrients sample in general. You are supposed to eat five times a day so each meal should contain 50 grams of carbs, the same amount of protein and 9 grams of fat. Turkey, steak, salmon, tuna and egg whites are my top protein sources. Whole wheat pasta, brown rice, yams, sweet potatoes, oats and bananas are great carbs. For fats I usually choose olive oil, almonds, trustful peanut butter and coconut oil sometimes. The choice of dishes is up to you. Cook what you like and what you are sure is healthy for your goal. Take care, have a nice holidays, may this year bring a lot of good to you.
Best regards, Mary.

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