Is white rice good for dieting? When should I better eat it?

Hello there again! Remember I was talking about changing my nutrition plan?:) Well, I continue doing that. I decided to improve not only what I drink, but what I eat too. As I’m a huge fan of everything, what is connected with Chinese culture, I want to try to eat more rice. However, I’m not sure that it’s good for dieting. What do you think? Or should I better choose brown rice? What are the advantages and disadvantages of consuming rice as a product? When should I better eat it? I will be grateful for any information.

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Well, I have doubts about that. We all know there are better varieties of rice compared to the white one so why should we eat it on dieting? I prefer brown or red one (I`ve discovered recently). Their effects on weight loss have been proved. Besides, their benefits are out of comparison. White rice may be nutritious in some way, yes, but if it comes for a healthy diet plan, I prefer to choose the most effective options. And white rice in not one of them. Don`t you agree?
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