What swimming program for beginners to lose weight can you suggest?

Hi everybody! I think that everyone likes swimming, right? Well, I  also like swimming very much. It’s very good for your posture and your back. But is it good for losing weight? Can you share with the help of a swimming program to lose your extra weight? My niece has some problems with health and obesity, so I decided to help her become more healthy.

Guys, do you know any swimming program for beginners to lose weight? She is not a professional swimmer, so it must be something light and simple for the beginning. What are the advantages of swimming for health and body? How long time you should train in a swimming pool to see the first visible results? Are there a plan of workout to lose weight in the swimming pool? What exercises do my niece and I have to do, to pump up the body shape in a week? Should we train with a coach, or we can deal with it ourselves?

I would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks a lot!

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Hello, Eden. I never trained in a swimming pool but I know how swimming shapes our body after three weeks at the seaside. My friends are crazy about the swimming pool, they train three times a week and are quite experts after years of practicing. They say swimming is the gentlest way to lose weight because your bones and joints are safe from damage in water because unlike in running or carrying heavy weights in a gym, swimming gives no pressure to your body and protects from arthritis. It is still quite effective for weight loss, it makes your muscles stronger and more flexible. Swimming is also great for your heart and cardiovascular system.

It is better with the coach for sure, especially for a beginner like you, Eden. But you can do a lot on your own! Try with this simple but effective routine. 5 minutes of swimming, 15 seconds of resting, 5 minutes of kicking (with the kickboard) – repeat this sequence three times.
Or maybe you will like this one more. Swim the whole lane of the pool, walk energetically your way back. Walking in water is super challenging, you know. If the pool is too deep, use some aqua jogger.
Take it easy if you have to share your pool lane with other swimmers 🙂 Enjoy your swimming discoveries!

Hello! I can recommend you to try this:
Warm Up: swim 50-100metres at an easy pace.
Work-Out: swim four lengths of the pool at an easy-moderate pace and then rest for 30 seconds. Repeat this through between seven and ten times. If needs be, stop at the wall between lengths to regain your breath.
Cool Down: swim 50m at an easy pace and then walk 50m in the pool. Stretch out your chest, triceps, shoulders, back, hip flexors, hamstrings and glutes.
Hope you will achieve your goal!

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