Can the Bowflex Treadclimber TC10 be placed on the carpet?

I’ve recently bought a Bowflex Treadclimber TC10 for my home gym. Actually, I chose a separate room for storing fitness equipment and training. My current workout room has carpeting. Is it ok for placing my TC10?

 Bowflex Treadclimber TC10Buying the popular Treadclimber was a great idea, I do not regret it. But I did not think about the necessary accessories to the chosen simulator, such as a special mat. Still, I’m wondering if I can install the equipment on a usual carpet.

I need the following results while using my Treadclimber on the carpet:

  • Reducing the vibration during the training
  • Ensure the noise isolation (it gives the opportunity to enjoy the workout at any daytime, not disturbing my neighbors)
  • Protect the treadmill surface from dust and moisture
  • Provide with antiseptic effect

First of all, I’m interested in whether my carpet will protect the floor from scratches while using the simulator.  The second concern is durability. Guess that the ordinary floor carpets can not support the weight of a massive simulator (especially when it comes to a stationary model).

Besides, I am concerned whether my carpet is thick enough to endure the heavy Bowflex Treadclimber TC10. As it is professional kind fitness equipment, it obviously needs special care and accessories.

Here are my questions to fitness experts:

  • Can the TC10 be placed on the carpet?
  • What is better for placing cardio simulator – a carpet or wooden floor?

Share your experience, please. Thank you for the answers!

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As the manufacturer points, the TreadClimber should be installed on a clear, strong, flat surface. Well, carpeted flooring would be ok. Despite the kind of floors, I would recommend applying a TreadClimber mat not to damage your floor.

Consider LifeSpan treadmill mat for better protection of your floor.

LifeSpan Treadmill Mat

Among the numerous fitness accessories, there are necessary as well as those bearing only aesthetic function. Treadmill mat is a combination of both functions.

Why do you need a treadmill/treadclimber mat?

  1. Protects flooring from scratches and sweat drops.
  2. Reduces vibrations. When training on a treadmill, pressures are created that can interfere with people living beneath. The power of these vibrations depends on the reduction properties of the treadmill. The better damping system is, the less vibration and noise simulator create.
  3. Has an anti-slip cover and prevents the treadmill from moving during exercise.
  4. Decreases the noise produced by the treadmill and prevents it from spreading down.
  5. Compensates the uneven floors, which can lead to simulator damage. Although most treadmills for sale have compensators for uneven floors, this does not save the situation. Often, it is difficult to notice and correct.
  6. Creates a beautiful aesthetic look. When the simulator stands on a special surface, it creates a restricted sports place. So you adore using it every time.

Why the usual carpet can be not suitable?

Usual carpeting does not process the necessary features, as a special rubberized mat. It does not reduce the noise and vibration and does not have anty-slippery surface.

Of course, the usual mat will protect your floor from scratches. However, holes from the heavyweight of the treadmill may remain on the carpet.

Who needs a treadmill mat?

  • People with neighbors beneath may need a special mat if their treadmill does not have sufficient cushioning properties. Some owners of treadmills heard complaints from neighbors about noise and vibration caused by the treadmill. For the effective decrease of vibration and noise, pay attention to the mat thickness.
  • People who want to keep their carpet and flooring safe.
  • People who want to have a restricted sports space.
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