Rowing motivational: best memes and quotes

Do you feel down lacking the motivation to go on indoor rowing workout?

Having motivational quotes on your desk or laptop is a solution! Best memes and quotes will help remind you of the fitness goal. This way, you will train hard and not give up.

Rowing motivational quotes

I believe posting rowing quotes on your wall helps to push harder while training!

Motivation is a deep internal impulse leading to action. I consider it as an internal change, the search for solutions, the revision of values.

Motivation is a source of activity in a chosen direction. Being motivated for training is perhaps the biggest force that makes your body really change. If you have the motive, you train with pleasure.

General training tips

  • Perform light stretching exercises before rowing.
  • Pay particular attention to the back muscles, legs and shoulders.
  • At the beginning of workout, stretch for five minutes, then gradually increase the load.
  • Plan your workout in advance so you can start training on the simulator right away.
  • A variety of workouts will help you both physically and mentally.
  • Be sure to do relaxation exercises at the end, row lightly for five minutes or so.
  • Train with a friend at least occasionally.
  • Do not forget about days of rest between workouts.

If you cannot succeed in achieving your goals, you may need to change the program. There may be several options for your further actions.

1. Perhaps you train too hard

If you are tired and your performance significantly improved only for a while, and then deterioration was observed, you really train too hard. Make sure you have one day of rest per week.

Only after resting for one or two days, your workouts should be more moderate.

Rowing motivation

2. Perhaps you row not hard enough

If you are rowing not being experienced enough in intense rowing. Then you may need some time to learn to push yourself. Short-spaced workouts are a good way to increase the intensity. Rowing with a partner can also be helpful.

3. Your program may not suit you

Each body is special and sometimes it is very difficult to set up a training program remotely. Useful to discuss training with coach or athlete, if you have such an opportunity. Try contacting a local health club or rowing club.

4. Your technique may not be good enough

If you have the opportunity to attend the rowing club, you can get coaching advice there. If not, you can use the Video Coach Program. This program is a good tool for those without a trainer.

It is made to check rowing technique by experienced rowing trainer. To take full advantage of this program, ask your friend or family member to record your rowing process.

Take a few minutes in the front simulator and a few minutes on the side. Be sure that you have completed some of the most intense strokes if this is a part of your training program.

5. You get not enough motivation

This is the most widespread reason why your results are not satisfying. Motivation should be supported regularly. It must be monitored daily and kept at the right level.

Each person has their own individual motives to train.

Naturally, there is no one universal way to motivate everyone to train. Everyone has his own motives, sometimes incomprehensible to others.

Rowing motivation

Be sure to find your deeply personal reasons to act and achieve your goals. It can be children’s dreams, a professional need, a desire to be someone, a need for development, a desire to avoid something.

Pay attention to things, events that filled you with enthusiasm, inspired you. Reread inspirational books, watch films, meet relevant people.

The burning question:

  • Can you provide motivational rowing memes and quotes?

Often people confuse the meaning of motivation. As a result, they quit the started movement (or do not reach the action at all) mainly due to the incorrectly formed motivation.

Wrong motivation imposed from outside

Circumstances, other people, position in society, family relations. Nosy advertising, lack of clear ideas about how you want to be and your life should look, etc.

In the latter case, any catchy picture may seem tempting.

Wrong, insufficient motivation also occurs when the goal is not really significant for you. That is, it would be nice to achieve it, but there are more important things.

So at any moment, there are more important things to do. It turns out that the goal of training has a lower rank, priority, in comparison with other matters.

Naturally, its achievement is continually postponed. You just lose interest and forget about it.

Right motivation comes from inside

From the deep internal needs for change. Very often, these needs and motivations must mature and brew, like good wine. It is important to give yourself time to grow.

Revealing the correct motivation for training is quite simple. It’s enough to ask yourself:

  • Why do I need this?
  • What does this give me personally?
  • Is this consistent with my secret desires and dreams?

Examples of the right motivation

It fills with a healthy desire to live, develop, receive joy, support dignity.

I have an active and healthy life. I like the idea that I strive for health and success. So I’m not among people living endlessly sick and complaining of life.

I do not want to be helpless and powerless to protect myself and my family. I want to prove that I’m a strong person. I want to be an example for my children.

I do not want to end my life in a hospital bed. I want to be awake, successful, active and cheerful in old age. I do not want to regret the years I have lived in vain.

I want to look more healthy, trained, athletic, and fit. As my work and my business directly depend on this. I want to add an athletic figure to my advantages.

I understand that my weight and my health (appearance) have almost nothing in common. I will strive to become more healthy, not to lower the indicator on the scales.

So, the right motivation for training is when you can’t even imagine how you will live without it.

If you can easily imagine then the motivation is weak or imposed on you by external sources. The right motivation for doing fitness easily goes into the intention and determination to take the first steps.

The right motivation easily and repeatedly increases the capacity of your patience (if it is impossible to immediately take action). The ability to overcome obstacles (including taking time to review your schedule).

The motivation for training is quickly weakening!

You should always maintain and cherish this impulse for training. It should be monitored daily and kept at the right level.

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“How to force yourself to play sports? Just take the first step and start rowing. Only in the process, you start to love sports. Only in the gym, you get a taste. Take the first steps and you’ll be satisfied with the final result.”

“To be in shape, you do not need extra effort. Fifteen minutes and five exercises a day for different muscle groups is enough. Rowing, squats, push-ups on triceps and off the floor three times a week make wonders.”

“Everyone has a choice – to complain about poor genetics, metabolism, fatigue, employment, etc, or stand up from the chair and go to work. Work on yourself, set a goal and believe in it no matter what. By doing this, you are to achieve success.

Triumph does not bring real strength, it is formed by the struggle. Many obstacles and difficulties, fears, laziness. Fight and do not give up and gain strength.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Coming to the competition, I do not pay attention to who my rival is. Although I respect every opponent, my only desire is to win. Whoever is on the other side of the competition, my competitor is the girl in the mirror.

If a person strives with all heart for his goal, he will surely achieve it. Even if at first glance this seems impossible, and everyone around him does not believe in his success.”

Bruce Lee

“What moves me towards the goal? My weakness, that I cannot stand and turn into strength, in order to continue the struggle.

During my career, I failed more than nine thousand times. I was defeated in more than three hundred matches, twenty-six times I didn’t get into the basket at a decisive moment. I have suffered many defeats, that is why I have achieved success.”

Chuck Norris

“Impossible – this is not a fact. Just a loud word, behind which small and weak personalities are hiding. These are opinions, not sentences. This is a chance to show what you are capable of. Impossible is possible!”

Problems and obstacles – all this we come up with ourselves. Clear your mind from this trash and realize that nothing is impossible.”

Mark Spitz

“If my name remained in rowing history, I owe it not to mother nature and not to happy genes. But first of all to those who made up the environment where I grew up and was brought up. To those who taught me how to work and perform the rowing.

I owe the circumstances that made my life like this, and not another. Probably, I also owe it to myself, because while working I was not afraid to smear my hands, I did not bend my lips from salty working sweat. I was not shy to admit to myself my own weaknesses and my own imperfection. “



"If I have no mood to train, I will never have another cup of coffee or wait an extra half hour. I’ll go for my rowing classes right away. The longer you put aside, the harder it is to get started.

Without discipline, it doesn’t matter how good you are. Without discipline you are nothing. Someday you will meet a strong guy who will withstand all your best blows and will continue to advance.

Remember this and do not lose your strength of mind and courage. This is the time when discipline comes into play."

"The thing of key importance is the desire to become better, more perfect concerning what he does in life. If my neighbor has a better piece of land, I will want to buy it. My attitude in sports was exactly the same.

I constantly analyzed how I can improve the simultaneous classic move. From some point, I began to get up at seven in the morning, and not at eight. Because it gave me an extra hour to recover between two workouts a day."

"To become a sportsman, to reach some heights, you need to love your sport – this idea is obvious. But there is a second condition – you have to live somewhere close to the stadium.

At least where there would be conditions for playing your favorite sport. I grew up not far from the Sports Stadium. Perhaps, this circumstance largely influenced the choice of a sports way."

"When a sportsman tries to leave undefeated, although he can still give something to the sport and people, he retreats. Apparently this courage – left in the prime of life, but in essence – cowardice; afraid to lose."

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