Should I better eat a fruit or make a fresh juice to be healthy and have a good body? What is more useful?

Hello, my name is Lucia, and I am 25 years old. I am working on my daily nutrition plan now, and I need to ask you some more questions.
I know that fruits are very useful and they affect our organism in a good way. But it is also obvious that I should not consume too many of them because of the high capacity of calories.

I want to maintain body shape and even improve it.Well, then I have a question. Should I better eat a fruit or make a fresh juice? What is more useful? And how often can I drink fresh or eat fruits? Can I do this while training? Hope you will share your experience and it will help me. I’m waiting for all your answers, thank you very much.

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Hello Lucia!

This is a very good question. The thing is it depends. For example, if you go to the gym and don’t have a lot of time to eat different fruits, you can make juice before.

It is said that fruits are better than juice. It turns out that from the point of view of nutritional values, drinking juices – even those freshly squeezed – is worse for our health than eating whole fruits. It’s about sugars contained in juices. According to scientists, drinking two glasses of orange juice a day for a year can make you weigh up to 5 kg!

No one juice should not replace us with a portion of fresh fruit, because our body metabolizes these products in a completely different way. The maximum daily dose recommended by experts is a small glass of juice per day. It is also worth combining fruit juices with vegetable juices, which are much healthier.

Stay healthy!

In fact, juices are not more useful than the fruits themselves. Of course, the juices contain most of the vitamins, minerals, as well as phytonutrients, which are initially present in the fruit itself. However, fruits, as well as vegetables, have one advantage – they contain dietary fibre, the amount of which decreases significantly when making juice. Therefore, juices from vegetables and fruits contain much less food fibre than the whole product.

There is an opinion that drinking juices is better than eating whole fruits and vegetables, because the body absorbs nutrients better from the liquid, and there is no additional burden on the processing of fibre.
Besides, it is said that juices can reduce the risk of cancer, improve the immune system, help to remove toxins from the body, stimulate digestion, and even promote weight loss.
While juices are indeed very useful, the specific scientific evidence that juices can give more benefits than whole fruits or vegetables does not exist.
From the above written, I can sum up.
Both whole fruits&vegetables and freshly squeezed juices have their advantages.
So I can advise you to consume both. For example, alternating every other day.

Hello, Lucia. Thank you for the question.

It is obvious that both juices and fruits are very useful but there are different opinions about what is more useful.

Scientists think that eating fruits is much healthier than drinking juices because the process of making juice destroy many healthy elements of the fruit. What is more, juice contains more calories than fruit, so if you want to lose weight, you should not drink it too often.

Hi Lucia! Nice to hear from you again. That’s a great question. So, as I know, it’s not very healthy to drink juices, because in one glass of juice there are a lot blended fruits, which in their typical shape it would be impossible to eat for us. It can make harm for your organism, so it’s better to eat fruits without blending them into small pieces. In such way, it would be easier for you to feel yourself full. And of course, you can do this while training. Fruit juices I would recommend to replace with water. Drink as much water, as you can. Stay healthy!

Hello, Lucia!

Fruit juices here clearly mean fresh juices extracted from whole fruits at home and not the packed ones. Packed fruit juice bottle would sound better and handy to carry. But in that case note that just 250 milliliter of regular orange juice, contains over 140 calories, which is equivalent of almost three small oranges. It is highly recommended to eat fruit directly, and not drink it as packed one. Package juices not only destroy its beneficial compounds but it nearly removes the natural fiber present in the same, increasing the sugar content and reducing the fibers present in the same. Packed bottle also have preservatives which may have a detrimental effect on your health. Extracted juice does nourish your body with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients available in the whole fruit.

So, i highly recommend to choose fruit, not fruit juice.

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