Should I present led jump rope for my fitness trainer?

Hello. My fitness trainer invites me to his birthday. I want to give him a creative present and surprise him. So saying to impress him and stand out from the crowd. I decide to choose led jump rope. Heard that it is popular now and there are many jump rope for cardio exercise. I think it’ll be useful too and he should be like it.

Actually, he often works night shifts, so I think jump rope at night would be a perfect variant. It is also perfect for light. Led lights look amazing in any case. I’ ve seen such training equipment in the gym. It impressed me! Very beautiful and at the same time beneficial for body and health.

I saw such a product on Amazon. And I in sixes’n’sevens if I should give him such present? What is the best light up jump ropes to buy? Who may advise me what to do? Thanks in advance!

led jump rope

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In my opinion, it is perfect to present for your fitness trainer – imagine how great it is to use such a jump rope! I think he will be surprised but also really excited – ingenious presents are always super. Also, it matches with his job – he can take it to the gym. It will also be fascinating to use it when there isn’t much light, and he can reach new scores because he may put bigger goals for himself.
Buy it – there won’t be any regretting.

Hi Silly!
I guess it will be a nice present for him, although you can consider buying just a regular professional jump rope without any LED’s. The way the jupm rope that you featured in the picture works, is that it connects to your mobile device, or your Apple Watch, and counts jumps, calories burned, work out times, and interval of training. I think that paying 70$ for a product like that is a little too much, you can get a top notch olimpic jump rope for a lower price, with almost the same features , but the decision is still up to you!

Hi! Actually, I think it’l be a fantastic present for your trainer! Firstly because it looks awesome 🙂 And also because it’s really more convenient. You can connect it to your smartphone and make your own workout plan. Before buying a jump rope, you should think about where this rope will be used? Outdoors or indoors? Because if your trainer is used to exercise on the fresh air, it’s important to choose an outdoor rated rope. Also it is important to know the type of activity this jump rope will be used for. It can be fitness, speed jumping or freestyle. You should also think about the price of the rope. Of course, the more expensive is the rope – the better quality it has. But I think it’s worth of it. It’s better to buy something more expensive, so that you can use it for some more years and not regret it. On Amazon there is a huge variety of led ropes, so there will not be a problem to buy it.

Hi. I believe that’s a great idea. It’s a real evolution of a classic. Plus it’s a really efficient cardio workout that you can take with you anywhere. I bet he will like it, especially if he is keen on boxing. They can be smart ropes and have different cool features, can be synchronized with a smartphone etc. The one I like is Smart Rope Tangram Factory. It syncs with a mobile platform, and it is available for iOS and Android. The other advantage that it comes in different sizes and colours. So just go ahead with this idea

Hey Silly! Why not about this present! You can buy this one or choose from many ropes for jumping. Some of them are for real fitness experts. I’d pack this jumping rope in some boxes from the small to bibber ones. It could the real surprise! Now fantastic sale price for Sonic Boom M2 High-Speed Jump Rope on Amazon. Depends on you, of course.

Hi Silly! I believe that led jump rope is a good present for your trainer but I am not sure if you can surprise him and stand out from the crowd. Mayby it will be the casual present and not something really impressive for him. But I think if you decide to buy led jump rope you should choose one of the best quality you can find on Amazon.

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