How to get a flat stomach in 2 weeks using a diet? What are the best diet tips to get flat belly?

Hello again! I am still thinking about new methods of getting a flat stomach. And I have a few more questions. So, firstly, how long should I last my diet plan? Is it okay if it lasts for 2 weeks? Or should it last for a longer period? How long will the diet bring the most effective result without harming the body and the health? Because I can not decide on the duration of my diet.
Also, what are the best tips to get a flat belly? What nutrition tips are the most important in getting a slim stomach? How to get a flat stomach during the short period of time? How long does it take to get a flat stomach in a healthy way? What exercises for flat belly can you recommend to do at home? How many times per week should I do this workouts to see the visible result? Maybe there is something more than just a proper diet plan and exercises?

Tell us everything! I want to get started on a new diet as soon as possible. Waiting for your feedback!

1 Answers

Hi! I believe that it’s impossible to get flat stomach just dieting, I mean in a long-term perspective. You have to combine it with exercises, workouts. But if you just want some really fast results, then yes, you can try some cabbage soup diet for example. It’s a bit extreme but effective. Just remember that it can last only 7 days. Good luck!

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