What about broccoli diet for weight loss in 9 days?

Hi! As the weather is awful, I decided to surf the net and search for some information about diets and stuff. I really consider it an amazing fact, that nowadays people decided to think about their health more and eat organic food. But I gotta say that there are so many different diets, that I just got lost. However, I think that this broccoli, chicken and brown rice diet is really cool. It provides three days of consuming rice, tree days chicken and three days vegetables like broccoli.

Does this diet help to lose weight in a healthy way? Does the brown rice and chicken aren’t high-calorie products? What are the primary rules of the rice-chicken-vegetable diet? What tips should I follow to see visible results after finishing the menu? Whether lost kilograms will return to me after the end of this diet? Can the rice-chicken-vegetable diet bring harm to the immune or digestive systems?

So, if this one is not a functional variant, maybe you know some alternatives or even some other similar diets? I am looking forward to your reply!

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Hello, Eden! I associate the broccoli, chicken and brown rice diet with bodybuilders, seems it is their favorite menu that gives energy for training and builds mussels in a healthy way. Yet, I cannot accept the fact that we should eat only this dish during the diet. Isn`t it crazy and boring? I would definitely replace chicken with some seafood or fish, rice with potatoes and broccoli with tomatoes or cucumbers. And I would surely drink smoothies as my snacks. The experts say that diet actually works and the secret is the lack of carbohydrates. They say that you will lose your weight so quickly that soon you`ll have to buy new clothes! I do not know, let`s see. Hope to hear from you soon!

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