Does chicken and rice bodybuilding diet for girls for weight loss really effective?

Hi! My name is Sonya. I really need to lose my several extra pounds, but I don’t know how I should better do it. I was a real sports kid as my father was a bodybuilder when he was young. So he knows everything about bodybuilding diets. He recommended me to try chicken and rice bodybuilding diet. He said, that in his time this diet really helps him out. I’m not sure about it, whether it’s okay for girls to follow bodybuilding diets at all. But in general I like it and I think to give it a shot.
What do you think about this chicken and rice diet? What type of rice should I better use to eat while dieting? What kind of cooking these products is the most dietetic?  What seasonings, salt and supplements are allowed to add to the preparation of the dishes during the rice-and-chicken diet for bodybuilders? Does this diet provide the daily rate of vitamins and trace elements needed for healthy work of an organism? Does the rice-and-chicken bodybuilding diet suitable for women for weight loss?
Thank you for the answers!!!

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I do not know, Sonya… I`ve been reading about the chicken – rice dieting plan and it sounds pretty much boring. Are you ok with eating the same meal several times a day? Bodybuilders combine it with protein shakes and other stuff like omega-3 pills… Each serving consists of 90 grams of healthy rice and 125 grams of chicken. Some vegetables sprinkled with oil do save the situation but still, get ready to starve for some nice soup or smoothie or a healthy yogurt with granola lunches. IMHO 🙂 Good luck!

I was curious to find out some “cheat” meals bodybuilders use while getting depressingly bored with constant chicken and rice menu. It turns out that you can actually eat what you really like and miss from time to time! Is it a hamburger, pizza or ice-cream? Be kind to yourself, enjoy the meal you love, just count your daily calories and do not break the line! Another tip seems so right to me – replace chicken with fish, eggs or seafood, why not? What does your father think about it, Sonya? Hope to hear from you soon.

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