What about jogging program to lose weight for beginners?

Greetings! Every morning while going to the working place I met people, who do jogging. As for me, it’s a very strange kind of sport. It is a sport, right?:) However, I got very interested in this. I was thinking about whether they have any jogging program? I want to know any information about this so just to know for myself for the future. Maybe one day I will also try it. Oh, and also are there any jogging programs to lose weight for beginners? Are they helpful? Why is jogging well? What are the benefits and disadvantages of this kind of exercises? Waiting for your reply!

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Hello-hello! Congratulations, your interest makes me feel you are going to start a wonderful new habit. Find something or someone that make you get inspired about jogging, buy a pair of comfortable trainers, download an app for running and let`s go! Here is the plan. Going out jogging three times a week is enough (2 days – up to half an hour of training, 1 day – about an hour), do regular walking breaks. 3 minutes of warming up from walking to jogging, 3 minutes cooling down from jogging to an easy walk. Add some yoga training to your jogging-free days. Enjoy!

Hello Eden!
For a person who has never jogged before or has minimal jogging experience, it’s best to start out with a weight loss plan that includes a lot of walking. We recommend beginning by walking and jogging for 20 to 30 minutes at a time, three times per week. Warm up by walking briskly for five minutes, and fill the rest of the time by jogging in one-minute increments and then walking for 90-second intervals. As time goes on, gradually increase the amount of time that you jog and decrease the amount of time that you walk.

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