What affects the efficiency of weight loss? How to Become Slim Faster?

Hello everybody! I am here again! As you see, I have a new question. The main topic is the effectiveness of my training. Not so long ago I began seriously doing sports. I have been in the gym for two months, but I do not see any obvious results. Why in such a long time is not visible even small result of work? How to lose weight faster? How to increase the effectiveness of training? These questions really disturb me and I would like to find out the reason and solve these problems as soon as possible.

I am engaged in sports with my friend. We walk together in the gym because we motivate each other to stay and do further exercises. We both had a fairly large body weight when we joined the gym, but what really surprised me is that she lost 6 pounds in two months! At the same time, on my weights, the arrow is almost on the same mark. This frustrates me.

Maybe I do not do the exercises correctly? What rules should be followed to make the workouts in the gym more profitable? How to lose weight faster? What affects the efficiency of weight loss?

Thanks to your article on tips for beginners in the sport, I decided to go to the gym and take care of my body. I realized that I shouldn’t feel weird surrounded by flexible sportsman and worry that my body isn’t good enough. I think those pumped athletes also once came for the first time to the fitness center and did not have such perfect body shapes as they are now, so now I have the goal to which I will strive.

I am sure that you will answer my question as soon as possible! I am waiting for it!

What affects the efficiency of weight loss? How to Become Slim Faster?


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I have always asked myself how to increase the effectiveness of training too. I’m a busy person and can’t spend a lot of time doing sport. So I decided to make my training more effective.
Here I found 10 useful tips to have effective training https://askyourfitnessquestion.com/effective-fitness-training-10-useful-tips/
And now I want to share information about another 8 tips for improving your workout that, I hope, will help you. The quantity does not mean quality.

Between what you want to look like, and what you are doing for this, there may be a whole world. Ask yourself: “I really want to do sports? What do I want to achieve? “Answers to these questions will help you find the real reason for going to the gym.

No planning means no result. A trip to the gym can be a waste of time: you roam from one simulator to another, do different exercises, and nothing changes. What do you want to change? How do you want to look? Based on the goals, think about the task.

Life makes corrections. Rate things from the less to the most important and find the right time for the sport. Get involved.

To increase the effectiveness of training it is not necessary to put the biggest thing on the simulators or run for three hours. Also, do not be afraid of yourself and compare yourself with other people. You are not the fastest woman in the gym. To increase your workout effectiveness ask the coach to tell you about the best combination of a load for you. The ideal option is to pay a course of individual training for a month or two in order to know from the beginning how to do it.

You can increase efficiency by using complex exercises. Choose those that will allow you to train several muscles at once, and watch how the body changes. And do not make long breaks between activities.

6. MIX
Within an hour, the body will get used to the level of exercise and efficiency will begin to decrease. To prevent this, make a variety: mix the types of workouts, increase approaches or working scales. To increase your workout effectiveness challenge yourself!

We must have healthy habits as well as constant training. But too much sport is bad. To increase the effectiveness of training the interval between workouts should be at least 24 hours. Ideal intervals between approaches – 3 minutes to increase strength and 1 minute for muscle growth. Do not forget about stretching, swimming or yoga and sleep enough. Your workout will be more effective with enough rest.

Stress at work, a decline of strength or a bad mood – each of us has difficult days. Do you feel bad? Postpone training for another day. Are you sweating or loudly breathing while you run? Use a strong deodorant, wear a T-shirt without sleeves and use a towel more often. Avoid perfectionism.
I hope you will follow my piece of advice. I wanted to increase the efficiency of my training and I did it. So you will!

Hi again, Alina!
It is propably the most common misconception among newcomers. You are very motivated and want to see the results as fast as possible. As I know, first results would be seen after approximately half a year training.
Do not misunderstand me, but how much overweigh do you have? Maybe the extra fatness of your friend was for example on legs and yours on tummy. But the weigh was the same right? You did the same exercises. This provokes me to do conclusion that you should do different things. Because you have separate problems with overweigh.
In my opinion, it is better to consult with coach before start to training. Coach will help you to choose the right sets of exercises and you will be lose weight faster, If you need it. The other problem can be related to not do the exercises correctly. It can take a role why you still didn’t lose the weight.
But maybe you should try some different to make your body lose the weight. Genes, for example, influence body weight by setting basic parameters on the body’s metabolic efficiency (the efficiency with which the body burns calories); apart from genetics, people’s metabolic rates are largely determined by how active they are; people’s food related habits and cultural expectations are also important determinants of their weight, influencing the types and amounts of foods consumed.
Strength training is important because it helps counteract muscle loss associated with aging. And since muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue does, muscle mass is a key factor in weight loss. Any extra movement helps burn calories.
I hope my answer will help you to solve the problem. Be attentive what you do and good luck!

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