What are men Chinese diet secrets for a flat stomach?

Hello! You know, I was reading all the questions and answers here, and I’ve got very interested in one topic. One girl was writing about Japanese people and their diet. But I am keen on Chinese culture, so I decided to search for some more information on the internet about how Chinese men keep their body in the form, and you know what? There is so little information about men’s diets! I was very upset, so I thought about writing here for an answer. So, what are Chinese diet secrets for a flat stomach? What do men do to be slim? What can I eat?
What is the Chinese diet plan for men to stay slim?
What do they do to be in good shape?
Thanks for your help)

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Hello, Emily! Your question is very interesting indeed! It is obvious Chinese men are fit but why so few information about their eating habits secrets? I did my little research on the topic.

Healthy and nutritious. That’s what the Chinese diet is. They never count calories. There is no such word in the language. The diets which are low in fat and based on controlling calories proved to be less effective compared to the ones with a low glycemic level. Our Chinese diet certainly belongs to the second group.

For instance, if we chose between a diet coke and avocado (one calorie against 340 calories), the second option is definitely healthier because avocado’s nutrients supply your body with something very essential and increase metabolism.
Traditional Chinese plate is half full of vegetables, which is another secret. They also eat soups and watery porridge, as we know liquid dishes are filling and help to control appetite. Miso soup is what I am considering to cook for my lunch today (inspired by Chinese investigation ahha).

Another tip for your flat stomach – the balance between yin and yang (wet and dry components). They should be in equal amounts on your table.
For example in a popular Chinese dish rice plays the part of yin while chicken and nuts are referred to yang. Yang is mostly proteins as well as coffee, wine and spices. Carbs are certainly yin. I prefer these proportions than constant calories counting. How about you?

Drinking green tea is one more tip to your list. It is the first thing I associate Chinese diet with. Green tea of a good quality is a great antioxidant, free radicals and fat fighter. They say it is the best beverage in the world. Hmm… after coffee I guess. 🙂 Caffeine is in green tea as well. I found out that it is fine in China to have another cup of tea by just adding water in your cup, the leaves remain the same, so it is not possible to overdose.

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