What are weight lifting routines for women to tone up fast? 

Hi everyone! I’m here to ask you one more question. How many of you are going to the gym? I think that pretty much. So, I need your advice. Is it worth going to the gym to lose weight and overpay, or I can use home training programs? I’ve never been in a gym before, so I don’t know how the training is going on. Unfortunately, I even afraid and embarrassed by it and can’t overcome it yet. I’ve not practised strength training to build lean before. Maybe somebody knows any gym weight lifting routines for women to tone up the body? I found a useful phone application “Nike training club”, but I don’t know which workout should I better do.

During my training plan, usually, I have 3 rest days. Lifted weights seems a perfect variant for building muscle of upper body as well as lower. Besides, my friend told me that you notice losing fat while muscle growth. Set and rep during workout routines ensure fat loss.

And I have some additional questions. What exactly is weight training? Which weightlifting equipment is the most often used to inflate muscles? What should I do during a set of each exercise? What weight trainers are the most effective both in weight loss and muscle gaining? What is the most important in beginning weight training? Should I do warm up exercises, measure my heart rate before weight lifting routine? What weight lifting exercises can you recommend for women to tone up fast?

I will appreciate your replies. Thanks!

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The list of right exercises is not a great secret. For your lower body, you should do Split Squat, Barbell Squat, Barbell Deadlift, Good Morning and Dumbbell Lunge. For your upper body – Push-ups. Incline Bench Press, Barbell Bench Press, and Dumbbell Bench Press as the horizontal type of workout, Military Press, Handstand Push-up and Dumbbell Shoulder Press for vertical training. Chin-ups, Pull-ups and Lat Pull-downs are great for the upper body either. One-Arm Dumbbell Row, Bent-Over Barbell Row and Seated Cable Row are the pulling exercises for your upper body. The following ones are for the core – Ab Roller, Plank and Hanging Leg Raise.
Seems quite a lot, right? It really works. Stay motivated!

Completely agree with you, Emily! In fact, unnecessary overpaying is the reason why I am keeping myself away from the gym right now. But I used to train there in past. I did weight training in particular. Luckily there are lots of strength training programs for women today.
To answer your additional question, weight training is the way to make your body aesthetically attractive and sexy by training heavy with a proper workout. It has nothing in common with lifting pink dumbbells of course.

To know what to do is not enough though. These exercises are useless without proper intensity. Each body is different so you should feel yours and decide which level are you right now. It is easier to imagine like this. There is a set of ten repetitions in your exercise, you are doing the 8th and feel like it is probably the last one you will manage, then you try hard and do two more. This is the right intensity. Not the one where you do ten but feel you could do twelve. Hope my example was understandable

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