What are results I will reach on buckwheat diet? How should my nutrition plan look like after finishing its?

Hello, guys. My name is Lucia; I’m 25 years old. I want to find as much as possible information about buckwheat diet because I’m going to try it. What results can I reach on buckwheat diet? How quickly will I lose weight and how much kilograms will go away? I know that every organism is different, but please tell me what the average results are. Furthermore, I would like to ask what I should eat after finishing this diet. Are there any recommendations? Hope you can help me, I’m looking forward to your answers. Thank you very much.

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Lucia, the buckwheat diet is great indeed. Hard but super effective. The extreme dieting plan means that you have to eat only buckwheat cooked in a definite way for a week or two. This is absolutely not for me, though. So when it comes to buckwheat benefits I often have it in my menu as a daily meal, mostly lunch, with some fish and salad, sometimes only with kefir. It gives a result too, believe me. Mind that the cooking process is long, you cannot boil it, just cover the buckwheat with boiling water and wait a couple of hours until it is soft. You can use kefir or yogurt instead of water too! On a strict dieting days make sure you consume do not more than 600 calories per day. Best regards, I.

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