What’s the best way to lose weight ? What healthy methods and tips can you advise me?

And we are returning back to talking about losing weight.
It is not only for me – I guess 90% of people here will read this post too. So, what healthy tips and recipes can you recommend for us to lose weight?
I have read that there are some products that burn calories in a furious way (sports supplements, natural vegetables and fruits). There are also some food that gives you a lot of energy, but it doesn’t turn into fat if not used.
There is too many information on the internet about the best ways to lose weight using different diets, various schedules of nutrition and training programs. There are also many advertisements for fat burning drinks, goji berries, green coffee, and other additional products such as “Energy Slim”.
I read a lot and got confused by it.
So, what can you advise? What healthy methods and tips can you tell me?
I am looking forward to your answer!

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In some ways, nutrition it is difficult to understand. Especially when you are surrounded by inaccurate information.
It is difficult to lose weight, but to lose weight keeping the health, is even more difficult. So, if you don’t have a strict deadline for weight loss, you can gradually develop useful habits and lose weight without losing health.
Firstly, for you to understand, everything should be done together: proper nutrition + workouts = success. Otherwise, if you will have really intensive trainings and eat everyday cheeseburgers with fries and coke, all your efforts in the gym will be useless, and vice versa.

In order to lose weight, you have to spend more calories than consume, in other words, to make a deficit of calories.

Calorie counting is the most effective method of getting rid of the excess weight. When used properly, it can give 100 % result. Knowing the individual daily calorie rate, you can adjust the diet and achieve your goals faster.
The die should be based on the characteristics of the body and the necessary amount of nutrients. To calculate how many calories per day you need, consider the following:
1.The level of your daily activity
2. Age and sex (as men need to consume more than the woman)
3. Availability of going to the gym or doing sports
4. Parameters of your figure, which include the height and weight
5. The usual nutrition
The normal amount of consumed calories for a woman on average is about 2000 kcal.
It is necessary, losing weight from the caloric values for the woman of different age groups, with various activity and diet, to take away 500 kcal or 10-20 %.

To conclude, I will give you the tips you should follow to lose weight keeping and even improving your health:
1) Join the gym. Find a good coach. Let him develop your personal training program aimed specifically at slimming. Ask him to help you to calculate the average spent an amount of calories per day.
2) Determine your body mass index; the amount of calories, fats and carbohydrates you should consume daily.
3) Download on your smartphone a caloric calculator from the app marвечеряйте як мінімум за 4 години до сну , щоб їжа втигала перетравлюватисьket, put in your data, and follow it every day.
4) Try to move more, do active businesses, use the stairs instead of the elevator, walk more.
5) Drink as much as possible water, more precisely, drink at least two litres of water during a day. Even more: 2,5 l is the most optimal variant.
6) have dinner at least 4 hours before bedtime, so that the food has the time to digest.

Hello, Medina. 

I understand that it is quite difficult to find good information about losing weight because there are a lot of fake articles and experts. 

Well, I know some basic tips which are important to know when you are trying to lose weight. 

  1. Count the amount of calories you consume and burn. As you understand, you should burn more calories then you consume. To do this, you can download an app on your smartphone and add there those meals you eat during a day. 
  2. Of course, you should exercise. Diet can help you lose weight but you then should keep that weight. 
  3. Drink water. Not soda water, but a lot of still water or fresh juice. 
  4. Eat more vegetables, they are both healthy and low in calories.

Hello Medina, nice to hear from you again ;D

So, i am going to pass you my favourite healthy recipe of  Banana Dietary Burfi


Banana – 2 pieces.

Water – 125 ml.

Stevia (sugar substitute) – 1 tsp.

Skimmed milk powder – 100 g

Coconut oil – 4 tbsp.

Coconut flour – 3 tbsp.

Figs – 25 g

Raisins – 25 g (it is possible to use any other dried fruits)

Step 1.

Mix stevia with water.

Step 2.

Finely chop the bananas, pour sweet water and cook for about 30 minutes on the stove, stirring constantly.

Step 3.

While the bananas boil, finely chop the figs and raisins.

Step 4.

Bananas should darken and turn into a homogeneous mass, then add to the bananas dried fruits and mix everything thoroughly.

Step 5.

Pour dry skim milk and coconut oil to this mixture, mix everything thoroughly and look at the consistency, if too liquid, add 3 tablespoons of coconut flour, stir again. It should be such a slightly tight dough, not strongly sticking to the hands.

Step 6.

Now shift our burfi into shape, compact it well and level it. The bottom of the mold is better to be lined with food film or sprinkled well with dry skim milk and on top, on lined burfas, too.

Step 7.

Send it to the freezer for an hour and a half

Step 8.

Remove from the mold, cut into portions and enjoy delicate oriental burfas. Enjoy your meal!


Medina, I am very happy that you have chosen this pass of life. Healthy and positive. There are different ways to lose weight. It might seem that the best advice for losing weight is a strict weight loss diet. However, it turns out that the better than the rigorous diet is the well-balanced one. Here I have some bits of advice for you:

  1. Special healthy diet
  2. Physical activity
  3. Harmonogram of your exercises

Stay healthy!

Hello Medina! I believe that the only diet that is perfectly healthy for everyone is just stop eating fried, sweet food and flour-based food. Eat as much fresh vegetables and fruits, and, of course drink as much water, as you can.   Also, don’t forget to stick to your exersice plan. I think that this is the best way to stay healthy and keep your body in shape. You can also try to refuse drinking cow milk as I did. Your skin will look better in a few days, so you won’t regret about this decision. Stay healthy!

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