What are supplements for bodybuilding? Do you know any bodybuilding 3000 calorie diet?

Hi! I am here to ask you about this new bodybuilding diet. I was googling about different bodybuilding diets, searching something for myself, but I’ve found nothing. In each of these diets should be some supplements. But I don’t know whether I need to add them to my diet. I am here to ask you about it. What do you think? What are the best supplements and do I need to consume them? Are they accommodating for bodybuilding? And also I would appreciate if you tell me something about bodybuilding 3000 calorie diet. Are there any disadvantages? I’m looking forward to your reply.

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Hello there!
Since training hard is not enough for building muscles fast we need to add supplements to the diet plan. Luckily we have a wide choice of them. Unfortunately, not all are good and safe. The effective strategy is choosing the right bodybuilding supplement, taking the correct amount of it depending on the most appropriate time of the day. The task seems quite manageable, right?
This is my list of preferable products. Hope you will find it helpful.

I`d like to start with caffeine. Why not! It is the most common way to stimulate and prepare our body for super intensive workouts and to improve our endurance.
I`m am pretty sure you`ve heard about Creatine. This is a super safe muscle-building supplement that helps you to stay full of energies during weightlifting, push-ups etc. Creatine makes the recovery between sets faster and easier. If you consume it for a long time your general training performance becomes so much better.

If you decide to buy Creatine, start with 20 grams per day, in a week reduce the amount to 5 grams per day.

Branched Chain Amino Acids is a must-have. Very tasty by the way. Perfect for sore or damaged muscles after a tiring workout. They make your body stronger and more resistant.
You should consider Citrulline malate if you tend to feel super exhausted after training. Both physically and mentally. CM will fill you with extra energies and you will enjoy the gym time more.

What about fish oils? Omega-3 acids of course. We all need them for the magic they give to our body. Perfect antioxidant and a great helper when your muscles are sore after training or you need a better protein synthesis.
To remove extra ammonia from your body you need to take Glutamine. Or if you lack calories in your daily diet.
Whey protein combined with milk is greatly popular among athletes right after the workouts. Proved to be super effective.
You also need Nitric oxide to improve your blood flow. Where to get? Pomegranate, radish, beetroot… It will make you stronger and more resistant.

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