What can prepare with buckwheat? What the best ever pancake recipe?

Hello, my name is Poll, I’m 23 years old. My girlfriend is following a buckwheat diet, and I want to make a surprise for her, but I need your help, guys. Well, I want to vary her nutrition plan and add something very delicious. She immensely loves pancakes, so I want to cook them for her. Do you know some buckwheat pancakes recipes? Tell me the tastiest of them, please. I want to choose the best one. Hope you can help me, I will be pleased. I want your answers, thank you very much.

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Hello, Pall! You are being such a kind and caring gentlemen, what a lucky lady is your girlfriend. I suppose you are familiar with pancakes cooking steps so let`s focus on the ingredients. You need 2 eggs, milk (250 ml), buckwheat flour (200 grams), vanilla powder (a teaspoon), baking powder (1,5 teaspoon), cinnamon (a teaspoon) and some oil or butter for the skillet. Serve your healthiest pancakes with a bit of honey, fresh berries, and a mint leaf. 
Hope she likes your surprise. Bon appetite! 
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