What crops can i eat on sugar free diet? Is rice allowed or not?

Good day, my name is Silva, I’m 24. I am looking for useful diet soi can lose weight and I need to reduce sugar in my eating habits because I’m a sweet tooth. So, there are many diets but I found the non-sugar type of diets and now I’m interested in them. One question – can I eat rice during these diets? Somebody says that I can, somebody – no. Can you give the exact answer to this? ( I like rice and it will be much easier for me to follow the diet with him). Thanks for your answers and help!

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Greetings, Silva! As far as I know, you cannot eat white rice when following a sugar-free diet. Because it stands in the same line with refined flours products. Yet, there exist its healthier alternatives. Whole grain ones. Brown and red rice, broccoli and cauliflower rice, red or white quinoa. Since you love rice it would be great to include all those healthy alternatives to your dieting plan. I think it is hard for you to follow the sugar-free diet as you love sweets but I believe you will manage, first results will inspire and motivate you. Good luck dear!

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