What do you think about 16 week bodybuilding diet? Is it effective?

Hello everyone! My name is Anna, and I am looking for someone, who can help me. The problem is, I’ve never tried any diet before, so I’m a little nervous about choosing a proper one for me. I am a very self-aware person, so I don’t want to hurt my body and my organism.

That’s why I decided to ask you about one diet, I’ve heard from my friend, which is called ’16 week bodybuilding diet’. My friend told me only about its benefits, but he didn’t,t say about the disadvantages. I want to provide me with some more information about it, so I can decide whether I should try this diet or not. I’m waiting on your reply!

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Hello! Have a look at this daily plan of the bodybuilding diet and decide if you agree to live like this during 16 weeks. You should have 8 meals a day and eat a lot! (1) Healthy bread, turkey and some salad. (2) Chicken and peanut butter. (3) Popcorn with milk and a couple of egg whites. (4) During workout protein shake. (5) Turkey, salad and brown rice. (6) Tuna, homemade mayonnaise and bread with some melted cheese on top. (7) Chicken with veggies and peanut butter. (8) Canned fish with some salad. As a result, your body gets almost equal amounts of protein and carbs (300 and 240 grams) and a decent doze of daily fat (60 grams).

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