What exercises and diet plan should I choose to have flat stomach?

Hi! It’s Anna. Guys, I really dream about having a flat stomach.

I even stopped eating sweets and drinking beer to avoid gaining extra weight in this part of my body. However, I don’t see any results. I’ve been doing a lot of exercises for my core, but again – nothing. Maybe, I do something wrong?
And, also I think for a better result, I should probably change my diet plan. What diet should I choose to get a flat stomach? What diet is the most effective? Does it safe for health? What do you know about keto and mono diets? How many calories should I consume per day to lose belly? Do I have to reduce fats, carbs and proteins daily intake too? What food is incompatible with weight loss?

What exercises do I need to do to burn belly fat? What sets of workout can you recommend me to do at home? What intensive trainings are aimed at flat stomach?

Please, tell me some of the most effective exercises for realising my dream! I would appreciate your reply!

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Hello there!

I’m glad you asked that question,Anna! Speaking from my own experience, I know how difficult it can be to find the right/suitable work out and diet plans for yourself. Believe me or not,it actually took me quite a while to finally see the effects of various fitness suggestions.

To begin with, I have to tell you one important thing: do not do any ”super weight-loss diet in 3 days or so”!If you see such thing, all you have to do is quickly close the tab with that ridiculousness. ”Why?” you might ask…Well,the only noticeable results you would probably get are: skin problems,gastric ulcer, anorexia and even severe depression.
My advice here would be to eat more mother nature’s products,drink more water and cross off all flour related goods of your shopping list.I get that you’ve actually tried some of those,but consider this: maybe there was a moment when you though ”uhhh.. f- this I gonna eat one piece of that goddamn cake and do 5 splits” etc. Or perhaps, there were some disturbing/stressful events in your life after which you found yourself eating ice-cream at 3 am while watching ”The Lion King”? (gosh, I love re-watching Disney movies). Just think about that, but try not to be hard on yourself.Everyone encounters such point in life when all you want to do is call quits and get serious with the Universe. Persist, my dear.

Although after successfully finding rather manageable low-calories healthy eating plan, you should not forget about getting some physical exercise. On this one, my suggestion would be to start from fitness recommendations for beginners and slowly but with all confidence you’ve got there, move on to the hard ones.Try to set small goals at first and always star out as positive ball of sunshine ,so soon you would find yourself enjoying every bit of life.

Be ambitious.Keep your head up and love what you do!

I once saw a quote, that goes like this:
”THE ONLY THING standing between YOU and YOUR GOALS is the bulls- story you keep telling yourself”

Hope you’ll find that useful!
P.S.I will attach an exercise sheet that might help you to get in tone.

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