What exercises with a foam roller for the back, legs and press do you know?

Hello! I recently learned about such a sports tool as a foam roller. For those who do not know, foam roller (also known as a massage roller or cylinder, roller for yoga and Pilates) is a tool for deep massage of soft tissues, more precisely, fascia. The latter must be elastic so that the muscles function properly (moved). Imagine a beetle. The range of his movements is unlimited; he quickly and easily moves and flies. But if he gets into a sticky web, then his movements are shackled. Let’s draw an analogy of the muscles with the beetle and the fascia with the cobwebs. To improve the mobility of muscle fibres, we must first develop mobility in the fascia (connective tissue). For this fitness, exercises are used with a massage roller. With it, you can relax the whole body, remove back pain and even pump up a press.

How is it correct to use the foam rolling? Is it possible to lose weight with the help of such sports tool?

  • How to get the maximum benefit from the foam roller?

In addition to this, it relieves muscle tension in the buttocks, hamstrings, quadriceps and thighs. Yoga movie relieves the pain in the legs, accelerates the recovery of soft tissues after training and improves athletic performance.
How to use the foam roller to remove pain in the back? What are the main mistakes in performing the foam roller exercises? What abs workout using this tool do you know? What are the most common benefits of using a massage roller? Where to buy a foam roller for sports for an acceptable price? How to choose a high-quality roller for yoga? What fitness exercises for the whole body with foam roller do you know? What exercises to strengthen the legs you know?

I think you will recommend me the most effective workout for back, legs and abs with foam roller!!!

What exercises with a foam roller for the back, legs and press do you know?

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I am engaged in sport for 5 years. During this long time, I tried different typeі of training. Also, I performed a lot of exercises with a big variety of equipment, including a foam roller. I want to share my experience with you.

Exercises with a foam roller

You may think that all these exercises are very simple, but in fact, they give a heavy load on the back, and people with problems with the spine should undergo a doctor’s examination before they begin to practice them.
The best foam roller exercises for the back:

1. To extend the lumbar triangle, lie down on the back (roller under the upper back of the spine). Cross your arms across your chest and scrape your shoulder blades. Lift your thighs by moving the weight back. Slowly turn it to the left, then to the right side. Then, at the end of the turn, hold for half a minute.
2. The next exercise helps to stretch the muscles of the lower back, and it looks like the previous one, except that the back roller should be under the waist. Perform turnouts with a delay at each point.
3. Position the back roller in the lower back. Inhale deeply and pull your knees at the same time. After that, exhale and lower your legs to the initial position. If you have serious problems with your back, it is better not to perform such exercise because the load on the lower back is hard.

Foam roller exercises (under the waist):

Due to this simple exercise, you can normalize the work of the heart, have normal hormones, improve blood circulation and lymph flow, and even get rid of fatigue and remove the pain from the lower back. In addition, a back exercise for the lower back will help relax your shoulders and reduce headaches. So, it should be performed near the wall:

1. Lie down on the back and place the roll under the waist. When the body is relaxed, you need to slowly stretch your legs up the wall.
2. Pull your hands apart and bend them at angles of 90*. Breathe at a normal pace and stay in that position for three minutes.
3. When there is a strong tension in the lower back, put a solid roller between the buttocks and the wall.

Foam roller exercise (under the shoulder blades):

Another option for using a roller or pillow is placing it under the shoulder blades. Therefore, the chest will rise upward, and the shoulder blades fall down, which will lead to a greater opening of the shoulders and improve breathing. To have a good posture, placing the foam roller under the shoulder blade is the perfect solution, and with its help, you can stretch the spine and even raise the breast visually. Follow the instructions to perform this exercise:

1. Lie down on the back and place a roller under the shoulder blade.
2. Bend your legs in your knees and spread them apart, joining your feet together.
3. Relax for a few minutes.

Hope, you will like these exercises and the maximum pleasure doing them. Also, you can another Top 3 best foam roller exercises that also will help you to achieve your goals.

Hi! There are few exercises I use.

1. You must kneel down and take the device by the handle, placing it in front of you. Move your hands forward to roll it to the maximum distance away from you. During the run you need to monitor the condition of the waist, it should not bend too much. Next, you want to make a movement, rolling roller to himself and from himself.
2. The arms should be securely fixed in the palms, after which you need to straighten your arms: the toes of the legs and the gymnastics roller itself become the main points of support, the back should remain straight. It is necessary to lift one leg, while keeping it in a straight position, then return to its original position.
3. To perform an exercise called “Folding Knife” you will need to grab the arms of the device with your feet, and place yourself face down, the rest on the floor is done with your palms. By pulling to your knees you need to bring the wheel close to you, and then return it back, by analogy, as it was with your hands.
4. To perform push-ups with a gymnastic wheel, you must take the same initial position as for the “Folding Knife”. Bending hands in the elbow joints, it is necessary to start pushing up, approaching the chest to the surface of the floor, but without removing the legs from the device.
5. To perform the exercise, which is called “Peak”, you must take the same position with the legs on the roller. They need to try to keep straight and at the same time raise the pelvis, taking the form of peaks, and then return to the original position.
6. You must again take the same position with the legs on the wheel, after which you should try to fix the device and not displace it, but start moving yourself around in a circle, turning over with your hands. It will be enough to make a route in a semicircle, so that one complete approach is counted.
7. To perform the last exercise, you will need to lie on your back, put your heels on the arms of the gymnastics roller with your heels, and stretch your arms along the body. Thanks to the lifting of the pelvis, the legs will move the device closer to the body, and returning to its original position will roll it back into place.

Hope it is useful for you! I can answer if there are some questions appear.

Hello, Maksym!
One of your questions was how to choose a roller for the back. I am a specialist in the fitness equipment and want to help you.

How to choose a high-quality roller?
There are rollers of different sizes, which are enclosed under the neck, lower back or used instead of a pillow. Choosing a product for yourself, you need to pay attention to your own feelings because when you use orthopedic equipment you should not feel the pain. The cushion under the back should have a diameter of 8-10 cm. Also, note that it must have a rigid base. There are various fillers: polyurethane foam, latex, viscoelastic and buckwheat hulls. Moreover, choosing a roller, pay attention to the following criterions: safety, durability, convenience, and hypoallergenicity.

Juniper roller for back

In folk medicine, special rollers made from juniper chips are very popular. They have a pleasant aroma that has a calming effect. Also, there are different options, but the most popular length is 30 cm, and the diameter is 8-10 cm. Exercises for posture with a roller stabilize the cervical region, eliminating problems, improve cerebral circulation, help in the treatment of inflammation of the nasal septum, relieve headaches and insomnia. Furthermore, they strengthen the immune system.

Towel back roller

If you have not an opportunity to buy a special roller, there is no reason to refuse from training. There is a simple and affordable way out – just learn how to make a back roll of a simple towel. It is necessary to roll it into a dense roll and tie it with a rope or in another way. Therefore, it should have a diameter of 8-10 cm. So make a towel of medium size. Later, you can take a bigger towel so that the roller turns out to have a larger diameter. In this case, exercises will be more effective.
Hope you will find the foam roller that will be the best for you)

I like doing exercises with a foam roller workout. I know a lot of different interesting exercises and want to share a few of them with you.

Neck foam roller exercises:

Many people feel discomfort in the neck, and mostly it is because of the wrong body position while working at the computer or using the phone. Thus, exercises with a roller help to relax the muscles, strengthen the nutrition of the discs and normalize blood circulation, eliminating headaches. Position yourself on a horizontal surface (prefer the floor), and place the foam roller under your neck so that your head hangs slightly. Slowly rotate your head in different directions for a couple of minutes.

Japanese exercise for the back with a foam roller

The unique technique of this exercise proposed by Dr. Fukutsuji. This exercise is effective in treating problems with the spine and in the rehabilitation of patients. Knowing how to use the roller for the back, how to lay on it to get a result and for how long, you can normalize the position of the spine. Do the exercise on the floor, put a gym floor mat on it.

1. Slowly lie on the floor on the roller, place under the waist, under the navel.
2. Place your legs shoulder-width apart by joining your thumbs. Stretch your arms over your head and connect your little fingers.
3. In this position, you need to be a couple of minutes, and then after a few workouts, you should increase the time to 5 minutes. If you feel discomfort, then stop training.
4. It is forbidden to get up from the foam roller that is under your back quickly because in this case, you can harm the spine. It is better to just roll over on its side.

The most common benefits of using a massage roller:

If you problems with the spine, it is recommended to have a back roller at home, which can solve many problems. For example, it removes the load from the spine, supports the natural bend of the lumbar, tones the muscle corset and helps to cope with scoliosis. A roller under the back for the spine can be used at any time. But at the first time of its using, you should focus on your own feelings if you fill discomfort or even pain, put it out.

Rollers can be put under the waist during the sleep, that will help you to relax the muscles of the lower back. With their help, you can prevent deformation of the spine. A roller for the back can be placed under the neck and in this case, you will get rid of headache, insomnia and discomfort in the area of the neck and shoulders. There are special tools for chairs, and they are especially relevant for people engaged in sedentary work.

To conclude, do not forget that a foam roller is an excellent and affordable mean to get rid of pain and even spinal problems. There are different types of a massage roller. And each of them has their own peculiarities.


I am a big fan of a foam roller. I like doing exercises with it the most. I want you to know a few best foam roller exercises I always perform.

8 fitness exercises for the whole body with foam roller:

1. Shoulder blades

Let’s start with rolling it along back in the area of the blades. Take the starting position – lay on your back, rest your shoulder blades on the center of the roller. The main movement is a smooth movement of the body along the roller — first down to the end point of the shoulder blades, then up to the shoulders. Rolling to one side should last 25 – 30 seconds.

2. Sides

Move the roller lateral surface of the back. Position yourself so that the roller is perpendicular to the body, which is located frontally.
After that, start the movement from the armpits and almost to the waist. First make one side, then go to another.

3. Massage the front of the thigh.

Move the body along the roller front of the thigh and try to maintain a horizontal position. The basis of movement is a smooth movement from the lower part of the abdominal muscles to the knee joint. If everything is working out well and it does not hurt you, you can change this exercise a little: spread your knees and bend them. In this case, the load will be slightly stronger.

4. Massage the outer side of the thigh

Move the roller on the outer side of the thigh. This exercise involves the muscles of the buttocks, as well as the front and back of the thigh. The movement begins from the beginning of the lower attachment of the oblique abdominal muscles to the lower third of the thigh.

5. Buttocks

Move the roller along the buttocks. Here it is necessary to take turns working on the muscles of the buttocks on each side of the body. Moreover, the amplitude of movement is small, but the time to work on one side is also 25 to 30 seconds.

6. Back of the thigh

Move the foam roller on the back of the thigh and the surface of the buttocks. Try to distribute the weight of the body so that most of it is on the surface of contact with the roller. Place your hands behind to keep your body in the right position. Also, the roller should work on the surface of the body, starting from the popliteal area, ending with the upper part of the buttocks.

7. The inner surface of the thigh.

Lie on your stomach, legs apart, the emphasis on the hands. Put the roller along the body and move the leg on it so that it is in the middle of the thigh. Then roll left and right, repeat 10 times.

8. Calf muscles.

Move the roller on the surface of the calf muscles. To increase the effectiveness of this exercise, try to roll the roller on the side surfaces of the tibia, turning your legs in the right direction.

9. The front of the tibia

Move the roller around the surface of the front of the tibia. Just do not reach the area of the knee joints to not cause injury to the knee.

Hope you will foam roller exercises as I do. I really enjoy doing these exercises and hope that you will)


I like your question, it is really interesting and useful to know an answer. I am a specialist on using a massage roller and want to give you a few pieces of advice.

How to use the foam roller properly

1. Work through each muscle group for 1-2 minutes, slowly relieving tension. Getting to the painful point, continue to massage it for about 30-45 seconds. Only then proceed to the next.
2. Keep breathing deeply even when you feel severe pain. Taking a deep breath through your nose and exhaling through your mouth quickly relaxes your muscles.
3. Never roll it over a joint or bone. Also, be careful when massaging your upper and lower back. Do not roll the massage roller directly on the spine to not injure it.
4. If the point is too painful, move the roller and massage the surface around it.
5. Relax muscles to the maximum point. If you keep them in suspense, then remove muscle spasm and completely eliminate the downtrodden will be very hard.
6. Drink plenty of water after exercise to speed up the process of restoring muscle fibers.

How to use the roller to get the maximum benefit from it

There are 3 rules that should be followed when you work with a massage roller:

1. To properly work out the muscle fibers, start at one end of the muscle and slowly move on to the other.
2. In order to balance the muscles, you need to work on the same group from different sides of the body.
3. To find “hard nodes”, you need to repeat the action several times in one area.

So, following these principles of using a foam roller, you will get the maximum results.

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