What fitness trackers are compatible with windows phones?

Hello everyone. My name is Sarah and I am 21. I have already written here that I’m visiting the gym and I need to buy a fitness tracker. I have chosen some but then I faced up with a new problem – they are not compatible with my windows phone. I’m so disappointed because of it! I have just chosen perfect trackers and now I should start to search again. Well, could you help me, guys? Do you know any good fitness tracker which works with windows phone? Tell me please a little bit about its characteristics, price and other features. I’m looking forward to your answers, hope you will help me. Thanks a lot!

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Hey, Sarah! This is quite a challenging task indeed. Fitness trackers for Windows phone are crazily rare. It is not fair since Windows phone is wonderful as much as IOS or Android. Do you have Windows Phone 7 or 8? Unfortunately, W7 does not have Bluetooth features so it cannot be supported by smartwatches. W8 and newer models are possible to use with fitness tracker devices.

The list of supported smartwatches is not large. The devices are quite expensive. There is no such thing as $35 tracker for Windows phone. For example, the smartwatch Blaze by Fitbit is costing around $200.Its health tracking features are the brand`s priority and smartwatch is very secondary. It is so accurate that your workout will be recorded even if you leave your phone at home. Thanks to GPS!

How much are you going to spend on it, Sarah? Another option for you to consider is The Agent smartwatch. Real-time notifications and a week of intensive usage without recharging the battery and a whole month (!) with only watchcase on. Isn`t it wonderful? And of course, there are apps to install. It is also stylish. Black with a color accent to your choice.

If I had a Windows phone I would probably prefer this one – Hot Watch. The device has a very attractive list of cool features such as voice recognition, private calls, gesture and music controls, social media even! It certainly has notifications alerts, it is safe to wear under the rain and Hot Watch`s health tracking functions are quite rich. It is very elegant and looks more like a vintage watch.

The Vector Luna and Vector Meridian are both looking especially lovely. I wouldn`t mind having one of them too. It is incredible that with the screen always on its battery life lasts for a whole month. Plus other important features you`ll love. The only thing is price – up to $400. Much cheaper is the Microsoft band. It also works for IOS and Android, has all the basic features of a very good tracker but lacks remote controls. I guess this is it, I couldn`t find any other devices for you. Hope it was helpful. Take care!

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