How much cost the best waterproof fitness tracker for swimmers?

Hello, guys. My name is Sabrina, and I am 27 years old.
As you already know, I train in a gym four times a week. There are cardio and strength exercises in my workout plan. But now I have decided to add one more activity – swimming. What do you think about it? I have read that it is incredibly useful and perfect for health. Well, I’m writing to ask you about fitness trackers. The one I have now will not be suitable for swimming, so I need to buy the waterproof tracker.
Do you know which are the best? How much do they cost? What features should have the qualitative waterproof fitness tracker for swimmers? What material does this band have to be made of? What measurements does the sports bracelet while swimming in the pool?
Are the professional bands very expensive?
How to choose the best fitness tracker for an acceptable price? How many time does this gadget can be under the water?

Probably you use it and can give me advice. I’m looking forward to your answers, thanks.

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Hello there, Sabrina! It is really cool, that you have asked such question. It would be my pleasure to give a proper answer based on my own experience. A few weeks ago, I have finally decided to purchase such popular thing as fitness tracker for myself. I am an ordinary gym goer and a sport lover in general. Though, that was the time when I have come up with one idea: perhaps, it woulod be better to take up swimming also? And so it goes like this: I bought a monthly membership-got all necessary equipment-took my fitness tracker…Let's just say I ended up with a broken piece of metal after two hours of swimming.

Anyways, I have recently bought a new fitness item…and guess what? It still works absolutely awesome!So, as I was saying…have you ever heard about  Misfit Ray fitness tracker ? If your answer is a ''no'', then read this:

1. aesthetic pleasure for minimalism lovers;

2. smooth and really flexible item, pretty easy to adjust;

3. a cheap deal;

4. calls, messages acception;

5. sleep patterns checked;

6. all daily calories burned and steps taken are accurately counted as Misfit points;

7.waterproof and has a six-month battery life.

It is up to you, which fitness tracker to buy, but I do hope you will at least consider or just take a look at the mentioned above useful item. I hope you feel satisfied with the answer.

Stay fit and healthy, my dear user!

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