What high protein diet for weight loss bodybuilding should I choose?

Hi there! My name is Arina, and I’m 22. Since my childhood, I’ve been keen on sports, and I’ve never had problems with extra weight. A few days ago I decided to try playing tennis for myself. And for the first time in my life, my trainer said, that I need to lose some weight. So I decided to look for some variants, read a lot of articles about famous people in sport and their ways of losing extra pounds. All of them talked about a high protein diet, but the problem is, that there are a lot of them, and I can’t choose the best one, so I need your help. I’ve also heard, that this diet bodybuilders also decided to keep their body in form. What do you think? What would you recommend?

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Hello there! This diet is rich in protein (around 100 grams per day), effective for losing weight and healthy. You have three meals during the day and you are free to variate the portions.
Day 1. Three boiled eggs, a slice of toast with a bit of almond butter and a banana for breakfast. Nutritious avocado and cheese salad and an orange for lunch. Meat and potato puree with grilled veggies for dinner.
Day 2. Protein smoothie with coconut milk and strawberries for breakfast. A can of salmon, fresh greens, some olive oil and vinegar, an apple for dessert. Some chicken, quinoa and salad for dinner.
Day 3. Oatmeal with Greek yogurt, a handful of nuts for breakfast. Chicken salad with bell peppers and avocado and a peach as a dessert for lunch. Meat and vegetables and brown rice.
Day 4. A spicy omelet with cheese, peppers, olives and tomatoes and an orange for breakfast. Meat and brown rice for lunch. Salmon, lentils and broccoli for dinner.
Day 5. Cottage cheese with walnuts, apples and cinnamon for breakfast. A can of salmon, healthy mayonnaise or some substitute, a bit of bread and a carrot for lunch. Chicken meatballs in tomato sauce, pasta and fresh forest berries.
Day 6. Frittata (eggs, cheese and potatoes) for breakfast. The lunch may be the same as the previous day. Shrimps with grilled onions and tomatoes, tomato sauce, a cup of beans on a corn tortilla.
Day 7. Pumpkin pancakes with some nuts and honey for breakfast. A cup of Greek yogurt with nuts and berries for lunch. Grilled salmon with potatoes puree and grilled vegetables for dinner.
Keep fit! Bon appetite!

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