What is Jen Selter’s official page? How many followers she has?

Hello, I like to read. I read everything that I caught. I find interesting books, articles, pages etc. I like to read about a celebrity too. Some time ago I found a very interesting girl for me. It is popular instagirl Jen Selter. I heard that she popular by her fitness progress. Is it true? As for me, I think that she is a usual girl.

What do you think about this? And if I wrong, please give me information about her. Do you know her official page? How many followers she has? Who know some details about her? Is she just a fitness model or bodybuilder?
What are her social network sites? Why is the girl so famous? What is she popular for? Does she take part in any competitions?
Who are her parents? Did they help her to be the worldwide famous star?
Does the girl have some SNSs? Does she lead her Instagram page by herself? Does Jen Selter have a social network assistant? Who helps her to post photos and videos to be popular? Does she earn money from her pages? What tips do Jen suggest to be so popular on Instagram? I want to have many followers too!

Maybe somebody can answer my questions? I would like to have on Instagram and Facebook pages as many followers as Jen Selter has. Help me, please!)


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Hey, Corvis. I read much information about Jen Selter.
Jen is an internet celebrity and a model. Her site you can find by the domain: jenselter.com. She has many social network pages too, such as Instagram – @jenselter, and twitter – Jen Selter.

It seems to me that this one is her official site http://www.jenselter.com. And I believe the Instagram profile @jenlselter is official at least it looks like that 🙂

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