What is the difference between keto diet and keto diet vegetarian?

Welcome everyone, my name is Medina, I am 25, and I am struggling with some details of diets. See, I need to choose one menu for myself that will help me to lose weight in an average time but the main, I guess, the problem is that I am vegetarian and many diets don’t pass me that much. I don’t eat meat and fish at all. I have heard that keto vegetarian diet is not so bad and I want to get known more about it, about food during the period, and products.         How long do I have to stick to the keto vegetarian diet? What are the contraindications to it?
What are the main principles of the ketogenic diet? Does it safe for the health? What benefits has the ketosis vegetarian diet for weight loss? How many calories can I consume per day?
What nutrition plan for a month can you suggest for me? What products can I eat to fasten the weight loss process? What food is not allowed to eat during the vegetarian keto diet?
Thanks for the help!

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Hello, Medina! Eager to combine the benefits of two diets into one? Good choice! You should be careful though, this plan requires enough nutrients, I hope you are going to eat dairy products and eggs. If not, that`s quite dangerous and extreme for me. Vegetarian keto diet allows daily 35 grams of carbohydrates. No meat is not a problem for you as I can see. Low-carb veggies are more than welcome. 70% of energy must come from fat, 25% – from proteins. Buy vitamins, you are definitely lacking some important ones. It`s great if you consult your doctor. Using a keto calculator is a must-have. Try to stay well informed about vegetarian keto diet reading experts views and advice. Stay healthy! Best regards, Mary.

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