What is Michelle Jenneke workout? How does she warm up?

Hello. Some time ago I found Michelle Jenneke’s page. And I have interested in her training. Does somebody know something about this?
How does the famous runner train? What exercises does she do to develop endurance and speed for running? How to train me to run with obstacles easy? What set of workouts is the best to warm up very well before training?

I have heard that she is famous for her warm up. I saw a video, where before the competitions Michelle started to dance smiling from ear to ear. In the same time, her opponents were very serious and nervous, getting ready to the run. Does the dancing warm-up is so effective before training? Is it better than classical exercises?
What do I need to do to be like Michelle Jenneke? How many years I should train to be a professional runner? What set of exercises does she do to keep her body toned and pumped?

What does the girl can advise for beginners in the sport? What Janneke workout is better to do to lose an excess weight? What does the girl do to fasten her metabolism? What diet is she following to prepare for the competitions? Does the athlete eat a meat? How many calories, carbs and fats a runner can eat per day? What amount of water can be drunk during the one-hour training?

I can say, that Michelle Jenneke has an ideal body shape and is very beautiful as for an athlete! I like her and would like to know more about her training, nutrition and everyday life.

Please, help me to achieve my aims, answer my questions! I hope you will do this. Thanks.

Michelle Jenneke

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Hello, Lauren! Michelle Jenneke`s warm-up routine is famous! She won the IAAF World Junior Championships 110-meter hurdles race in 2012. Before the start, the young lady was charmingly exercising: shimmying her legs and jumping with a broad smile radiating so much joy and kindness that it instead looked like a dance.

Moreover, Jenneke`s prerace exercise is known as the best warm-up routine in Olympic History. (You can check the video on YouTube!) An Australian hurdler, however, humbly finds nothing extraordinary in it – the moves just come from her heart and put her in an excellent physical and mental mood.

Of course, Michelle Jenneke’s warm-up is her famous dance 😉 I don’t know what about now, but there was information on the Internet that her gym workout for 2016 Rio Olympics included 500kg leg presses with the coach on the machine.

Her workout sometimes includes 500 kilogram plus leg presses, that s quite impressive! Heavyweights exercises in a gym twice a week as well as full body and some plyometric routine. There are also three track sessions a week – each of them usually lasts 2 or 3 hours with a necessary warm-up, hurdle and sprint session. Heavyweights – in the beginning, some lighter circuit in the end. Decent results need correct nutrition, Michelle Jenneke eats a lot, up to 6 times a day! Cereal, yoghurt, eggs and bacon, meat and vegetables, rice and pasta, are on the list.

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