What is one month bodybuilding diet? What should I do?

Hello!  For the last few days, I’ve got interested in bodybuilding diets because I think they really work. I think so because of a lot of comments people write. They’re telling about its advantages. With it, it does easy to lose your extra weight. I think that maybe I should try one of them, but how long it would last? 1 week? 2 weeks? And is it okay for this diet to last for a month? I just want to know as much as I can, to prepare myself. My trainer said, that I should better look for some other type of diet, more traditional, maybe he is right? What should I do? Also, maybe you would recommend any bodybuilding diet that would last for a month. I’d really appreciate that!

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Here is a sample of daily meals on bodybuilding diet plan. It is balanced and complete so you can rely on it whole month long with appropriate variations (we will talk of them later). Start your day with an impressive 6 egg omelette with cabbage, spinach or bell pepper. Fix a protein shake as a second breakfast. For lunch we have some chicken, brown or red rice and spiced mixed of vegetables. Then goes a protein milk shake, probably post-training one. Tuna with potatoes puree and some salad is your dinner.
This whole menu gives you around 2900 calories.

This is not a strict plan, you can vary your breakfast with 2 eggs, some fish and avocado as well as granola, milk and a banana. Or maybe you prefer 2 croissants with peanut butter? That will also go! For a different snake option you can have a handful of almonds or an apple with peanut butter. What about lunch? Chicken, rice and broccoli! Vegetarian spicy burritos! Fish, quinoa and cabbage etc. For a healthy snack you are allowed to have a bit of dark chocolate, nutritious shake, a handful of your favorite nuts or beef jerky. Your dinner may look like this. Some meat with rice and boiled eggs. Beef with fries and beans. Or my favorite Italian option – tuna, pasta and tomato sauce. See, the choice of food is quite flexible and rich, just do not eat anything obviously junk!

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