What is power yoga for weight loss? Which asanas are better to lose weight?

Hello! I’ve just read the article about yoga asanas for weight loss. Recently I’ve started practicing yoga. But I didn’t guess that one can lose some kilos while doing the asanas. I am not actually involved in sports. So I consider this activity a good workout for myself. First of all, it helps me to stain all my muscles. My body becomes fit and toned. Secondly, yoga is the best way to relax and clear your mind.

After reading the article, I’ve discovered a new benefit for myself. I have always wanted to lose some kilos. But I am not a sports lover at all. I prefer some light kinds of gymnastics. Now weight loss with the help of yoga is my number one goal. Experts’ reviews show that it is possible to achieve good results. But of course, you should also keep to the proper nutrition. Gonna try and then I’ll share my results!

But now I  have some questions for all yoga specialists.

  • What is power yoga for weight loss?
  • Have you practiced it? What were the results?
  • Is it possible to lose weight faster with its help?

Please, share your experience. Waiting forward to your answers. Thanks in advance!

What is power yoga for weight loss?

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Hello there! I am sure you will like power yoga! I always loved yoga for one reason – no matter what your body and mind need, yoga will help. Going to lose weight? Welcome Power yoga! It is a special workout based on cardio and still has some benefits apart from getting rid of extra fat. No doubt it is effective if you work hard. I made my body thinner, stronger and more flexible after three years of practice.

I also became more resistant to stresses.
This kind of yoga boosts metabolism, improves your memory and ability to focus. Unlike gym workouts where everything you do is aimed to improve particular group muscles, yoga involves and improves even passive muscles. Combine with a proper dieting plan and enjoy the results! I believe you can! Have a nice day!

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