What is sample menu for low sodium diet? Which best restaurants for low sodium food do you advise?

Hi, guys. My name is Poll; I am 23 years old. I have decided to follow a low sodium diet. Could you give me a piece of advice? Firstly, I would like to ask how the sample menu for low sodium diet looks like. What meals can I eat on this diet for breakfast, dinner and supper?

Secondly, I do not often have time to cook for myself at home. Which best restaurants with low sodium meals on the menu do you know?  Hope you can help me. I’m looking forward to your answers. Thank you a lot.

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Hi, Poll!
Low sodium diet will be a good choise for you, if you have a heart failure. Following it, you will keep high blood pressure. Your daily ration should consist of less than 1 500 mg. For example, for breakfast you can eat scrambled eggs with several tomatoes and dried beans. For your dinner you can choose salmon, chiken or tuna with boiled broccoli and rice. You can also eat vegetable soup, if you want. For supper you can eat cooked vegetables or salad. What about restaurants, try to look for some vegetarian restaurants in your town and nearby. There are always more healthy food, than in the others.

Hello, Paul! Well, the menu depends, The extreme dieting variant lasts for two weeks. During the first three days, you are supposed to cook chicken fillet (up to 500 grams a day), the following three days are for fish (the same amount). Then come three days of porridge brewed in water menu (250 grams of dry cereal per day). You may add some milk to the plate with your oatmeal if you want. The next three days you are going to eat vegetables except for potatoes (one or two kilograms per day). The same amount (1-2 kg) goes for fruit in your last three dieting days. All fruit except bananas. Seems quite tricky, especially for men.

I would consider this one I`ve recently found and saved. Four days only! They say it will improve one’s well and body shape. No salt, no sugar no fat-containing products during the whole period. But you can eat the allowed food as much as you want! So, on your day 1, you eat boiled potatoes and drink a lot. Day 2, either rice or buckwheat (I`m choosing both for diversity), On your third dieting day white fillet chicken is needed. The last day you repeat the day one menu but try to avoid overeating. Sounds interesting, I`ll try it soon, hope it works.

One more version for you, Poll. My favourite one. For breakfast mix cornflakes (half of a glass) with a glass of milk and around 10 raisins, half of an apple, a bit of cinnamon and honey on top. A juicy pear with some walnuts is good for lunch. Dinner dish looks like a restaurant dish, turkey or chicken fillet, buckwheat (half of a plate), a few salad leaves, two tablespoons of boiled beans. a teaspoon of olive oil and some balsamic vinegar. I`m getting hungry while writing it ah! The next meal is yoghurt and a green apple. Canned tuna and some salad for supper. It`s great if you`ll have a cup of green tea after it. Bon appetite!

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