What is the high-quality waterproof fitness tracker suitable for Android phone for an acceptable price?

Hello, my name is Kate, and I’m 19 years old. I want to buy a fitness tracker because I have gained many kilograms and I want to get rid of them. And I need your help, guys. I have found a gym in my district, and there is all the necessary equipment. I’m ready to start training, and the only thing I need is the fitness tracker. I have an Android mobile phone, and not every tracker works with it.

Could you advise me a fitness tracker which will work with my cell phone? Which one do you use?
What material does the fitness tracker should be made of? What features are the most important when choosing a sports band? How does the fitness bracelet measures the body parameters?
What type of fitness tracker is better to choose for cardio and weight workouts? What is an average price for a high-quality, reliable fitness tracker? How does the band charges? Is it possible to wear it in everyday life? Is it worth buying directly the waterproof fitness tracker?
Does this sports band measures accurately your physical condition during training? What is better to choose? Where can you recommend to buy the high-quality waterproof fitness tracker suitable for Android cell phones for an acceptable price?
Hope you will help me; I’m looking forward to your answers, thanks a lot.

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Hello, Kate! Good choice to use a fitness tracker for improving your shape. I`m using Garmin Vivoactive, it`s my perfect companion everywhere I go. I use it with my iPhone but it works for Android too. There exist tonnes of different models, what are your priorities? Do you need it with screen or not? Is the style important? How about the price? Do you need a smartwatch? They all track your steps, sleep hours and stress levels. Not every model is waterproof, not every device tracks altitude. Just make a strict list of features you need before buying, read the information carefully, consult reviewers. Hope you`ll make a nice choice. Good luck!

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