What is the best fitness tracker in 2018? Why is it so cool?

Hi everybody, my name is Wendy and I am 25 years old. I’m crazy about sport, I have been visiting the gym for 2 years. Moreover, I’m eating well and making nutrition plans for other people who need it. So, I have quite a good experience in this field. But unfortunately, I know nothing about different devices. Could you help me? I need to buy a new fitness tracker. Which one is the best in 2018? Why is it so cool? Hope you will tell me something about its advantages and disadvantages. It will really help me make a decision. I’m looking forward to your answers, thank you!


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Hi Wendy! It’s really a bit difficult to choose the fitness tracker that would suit everybody, at least you have to spend some time reading the descriptions of each one and choosing the best options. But if you are looking for something easy to use I would advise a Fitbit brand. They have something for everyone. Great design, waterproof models, affordable prices, accurate heart rate readings, package of features, storage for music, that’s all about Fitbit fitness trackers

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