What is the best home workout program? 10 exercises to do everyday at home


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Hello everyone! I am very interested in sport and in healthy diet, because I want to keep my body healthy. I want to make my own exercise plan to achieve more. I know that a lot of you are trying to stick to some plan too, so maybe you could help me. I wanted to know for myself the most common top 10 exercises that everyone is doing and that are the most effective. What are you starting your workout with?  Write down your top list of exercises you are in love with and that helped you to get fit. I will appreciate it very much.

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    Hi there Sonya!!

    That is a really good question! I had the exact same problem about a moth ago..Here is what I can advise you:

    1. The most important thing here would be the motivation. I see, you already have it, so just cross it off.
    2. Always start with some warm ups. It would be better to find something like a “set” of those with the Pinterest app.
    3. Do not EVER forget the water. Pretty essential here.
    4. It might be hard at first, but you will survive. Try to imagine the possible results after the work out and then push yourself to do your best.
    5. My favourite exercise is called “the wall sit”. It is basically telling you what to do. Just come up to the nearest wall, make your back face it and take the sitting position. Your back should press into the wall. Sit for 5 minutes or so.
    6. Do not kinda “overdo” for first weeks. Try with simple exercises and move on to the hardest one.

    Finally, I will gladly attach some sets of work out (ones that I use usually). But as I have mentioned above, try the Pinterest app to find the most suitable exercise plans for you.

    Hope you got everything right!


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