What do the Indian women do to stay slim? What is the best indian diet for flat stomach?

Hello again! Today I want to ask you about Indian culture. While watching a lot of Indian movies, I just couldn’t take my eyes off of those Indian girls. How they’re just so slim? It’s impossible! Yesterday, my friend arrived from her trip to India. She said that there she had an ability to speak with some aboriginal women, and they told her something about diet, which they use to get a flat stomach, but she didn’t understand everything. So, maybe you could help us?
What is the best Indian diet for a flat stomach? What are the main secrets of young Indian women to get a flat stomach? What food does this diet provide to eat? What products are not allowed to eat? How long does the Indian menu last? Is it safe for immune and digestive systems?

How to get the thin waist and flat stomach with this nutrition plan? Does it require any additional physical activity? What do the Indian women do to keep their body slim and belly flat?

We will wait with interest for your answers!

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Time to consider some things we should forget about while on Indian diet. Say no to soda, sugar in your coffee or tea (well, I still doubt if we can drink coffee but it would be my only one exception for sure), no fruit juices either. No ice cream, candies, pies and cakes (unfortunately! but keep the image of your dream slim waist to be strong!), no yogurts except Greek, no biscuits and cookies. Even if your friends get offended when you refuse their homemade treats. End of discussion. Neither honey nor sweetened salad dressing or sauces. Obviously no fast foods, refined oils, and trans fats. You have your guide now, Ann. Let us know about your success. Take care!

Hello, Anna! I also met Indian women at some folklore festival, they do look gorgeous and fit, especially in their national costumes where all attention is on the beauty of their slim waists. Have you ever tried any of Indian vibrantly spiced dishes? They use plenty of fresh herbs and their range of dressings flavors are so rich! I guess that`s the secret, spices and natural flavors improve metabolism. Another reason is religion. Most of Indians follow Hinduism lifestyle and this means their diet is vegetarian or lacto – vegetarian. Indian diet is all about fresh whole fruit, veggies and lentils. That explains pretty much everything to me. Even their desserts are awesomely good and healthy! I tried some and it is hard to believe the sweets were made without any eggs or dairy products.  Apart from weight loss, Indian diet protects from serious troubles with health, even from Alzheimer`s disease. So our healthy plan is lots of organic veggies, grains, dairy, lentils and healthy fats like almond, mustard, sesame, avocado or coconut oil, coconut milk. Magic spices list contains coriander, cumin, turmeric, fenugreek and more. Unsweetened tea, plain and sparkling water are your healthy beverages to focus on while on Indian diet. Hope this time of self-improving will be easy and pleasant for you, Ann. Good luck!

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