What is the most healthy bodybuilding diet? Bodybuilding diet meal plan, 5 tips.

Hi there! Guys, I need your help again. Continuing the topic of bodybuilding diets, I wanted to ask you whether you’ve tried them on yourself? Maybe, you would like to share your experience. Perhaps, someone you know very well tried this diet before, so you could tell me some tips. I am trying to adjust my diet meal plan, make it as healthy as possible. But I worry that I am doing something wrong. What is the right bodybuilders’ meal plan? How should I build mine? I would like you to give me five tips about it. What is the most healthy bodybuilding diet? Soon I’ll read all your comments and thoughts about it. Thank you!

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Hello there! Hope you are having a nice winter holidays time! Let’s start with the tip 1 for your effective bodybuilding diet. Which is TRAIN HARD. Increase the intensity of your exercises step by step, that’s how your muscles grow. You may feel out of energies at first because of carbs deficit, do not give up please. Make the reps less and increase the number of sets. You may also want to use supplements, it is fine, just consult a specialist to be safe.
Tip 2. Eat PROTEINS as a vital part of the plan. Meat, eggs, fish, healthy dairy and protein supplements are your best sources for this purpose. The most advised dose is two grams of protein per kilogram of your body weight.
Tip 3. The correct CALORIES number. You cannot be lazy in this matter. Download an app for counting calories and be responsible, if you eat too few, there will be no muscle growth, if you eat too much… well, you know you do not need extra fat or cellulite on your body. 200 – 250 calories per day in your case. Change the amount of fats to fit your needs.
Tip 4. Taking care of you HORMONES. Consuming decent amount of proteins, wise and regular workouts, dealing with stress, sleeping well and taking care of your emotional health are the best way to harmonize hormones.
Tip 5. WATER. You will need a lot of water to replenish your body needs due to both the diet and the training. Good luck!

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