What are the right nutrition tips for losing weight healthily?

Hey! It’s Greg. I had a discussion recently with my friends about the right nutrition for losing weight. We decided that it is all individual and there are very few diets that will fit everybody. But, I believe, that there are some points, that are common to everyone, that could be suitable for the big amount of people.
Do you know some of the tips for losing weight? Could you share them with me? What are your thoughts on this topic? What healthy eating and nutrition facts can you tell me? What are healthy low-calorie products to eat every day for weight loss? How to lose weight quickly by eating fast-cooking dishes? What fast-cooking dietetic vegetable recipes can you suggest to me?
Listening to different thoughts would be exciting. Thanks!

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Let’s face it – diets do not work in the long time periods. So why do not we stop dieting and start eating healthily? In this case, you will avoid the disappointment of gaining weight after each diet. The proved fact – your joy of losing some kilograms will surely transform into sadness after seeing the extra weight on your scales later. Our aim is to be a healthier and happier person, our body needs care and correct nourishing instead of dispossessing. Weight loss needs to be natural by all means.

Hi, Greg! You are right, there are too few universal diets that are 100% effective to everyone. Yet, some healthy nutrition facts are not wise to deny. Drinking water before meals. for instance. This habit improves your metabolism and it is easier to lose weight in a healthy way. Moreover, 500 ml of water around 30 minutes before your meals will surely make you eat less food. Nice plan, isn’t it? Another golden rule is actually psychological.

What do you usually have for breakfast, Greg? They say eating boiled eggs can help to lose weight, apart from other advantages to your health. Or another quality protein meal if you have issues with eggs. It is definitely better than some grains – fewer calories and smaller volume in your stomach will do the job.
Drink more coffee. A good quality one. A cup of flavorful espresso fills your body with important antioxidants (their amount is bigger than in any glass of grapes or berries juice) and the list of caffeine benefits to your body is really huge. Unless you add sugar in it! That is completely another topic! So please, don’t spoil your drink.

If you do not like coffee, you can replace it with green tea. It also has a dose of caffeine and fat burning features due to magical catechins.
Have you ever tried occasional fasting? Studies proved it is a very effective habit to lose weight in a healthy way. However, it may lead to the loss of muscle mass. So the choice is yours.
Avoid sugar. As much as you can. It is bad either in your coffee or in yogurt. Sugar is the worst. You do not need obesity, heart issues, and any diabetes, right?

You should also avoid refined carbs, Greg. They are the synonym of obesity. Sugar, white bread, pasta, and grains. I can live without it, what about you? Unhealthy carbohydrates pierce the level of sugar, then you get super hungry, you eat more than your body actually needs and that is the road to gaining weight.
The carbs you should consume without feeling guilty must have natural fiber – vegetables, whole fruit, nuts, grains, and seeds.
I find this tip very easy to stick to.

My favorite tip of healthier nutrition – smaller portions. I would rather have a cup of coffee and a chocolate sweet than two plates of low calories salad or soup (and still feel hungry, as my experience proves).
Controlling dish portions is art, no studies are needed to understand that simply eating less is healthier and surely leads to weight loss. I am too lazy to count calories, sometimes it is just impossible. I prefer being modest but eat what I really like and be in good mood instead of depriving myself of important nutrients. Don’t you agree?

They also advise working on your awareness of what you eat. How? Writing a diary, taking photos of your dishes. In case you are super hungry, there must be some healthy and portable snack at the table or in your bag. A package of almonds or other nuts, some fruit and vegetables, a couple of boiled eggs, a cup of homemade granola etc. It is so simple! Probiotic supplements are also effective, you might have heard about the benefits of Lactobacillus. They fight fat.

Eating spicy food is great. Chili peppers make you feel less hungry and boost metabolism. However, it is very important not to overeat.
Control your belly and waist, do cardio workouts. Chew slowly and thoroughly, feel and enjoy the taste, sleep well. The quality of your sleep is as important as sport or diet. Poor sleep leads to hunger and overeating. Eat enough proteins, say no to sweet syrups or sweetened beverages (fruit juices or Coke). Focus on whole foods, their list is rich and affordable. Be strong and determined, take care!

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