What is women’s bodybuilding bikini division diet? Is it a natural bodybuilding diet for a female?

Hi! I want to ask one more question about the bodybuilding diet. On the internet, there are mostly bodybuilding diets for men, but no information about women’s. Maybe I’m looking for the wrong sites? However, my friend, who does bodybuilding for years, told me about women’s bodybuilding bikini division diet. I should try it. I do not know how natural this diet is. How long should it last? What should I eat? I want to include as much organic food as possible. Maybe you would help me and give me some tips about exercises I could do or dishes I could eat.

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Hello there! A week plan for bikini diet seems very doubtful, I prefer the longer one I have recently found. It takes 4 weeks to get into the shape.
Focus on everything that boosts metabolism. Tasty but correct dishes will help you to lose 5 kilograms in a month.
The dieting day is approximately like this. A boiled egg (or two) with cheese and broccoli for breakfast, delicious Greek salad for lunch, some specially cooked prawns with rice for dinner.
I can share some recipes if you want.

Let us remember the Greek salad ingredients. Fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, chickpeas, good quality olives, onion (preferably red), and feta cheese. Red wine and olive oil for the dressing. Some peppers to make it spicy. Bon appetite!
If you need a healthy snack between the main meals, fix some fruit salad! Melon plus berries and lemon juice for instance!

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