What menu can I create for rice diet? Is it useful for figure?

Hello! My name is Mary, and I do want to get some advice about the rice diet. See, I need to lose some weight for my dance competition that will take place in a month, and my fitness trainer recommended to try this diet. It sounds not so sorry because I can cook a lot of dishes with different species and meat but I want to know exactly what should I eat on a rice diet, what can I eat and what I need to avoid. I also want to know what and in what amount should I drink to keep my liquid level in balance? Maybe you can write some recipes? Thank you very much!

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Hello, Mary! Good luck on the beginning of your diet. It will work if you follow the rules during each of the three rice diet phases. Fruits, vegetables, some kinds of dairy and starches – that is your menu in general. The first week is the most strict, you are not allowed to eat anything except the food from our list above. Two other phases are easier because of the richer choice, once a week you may eat eggs, fish or meat. The second phase is supposed to finish when your target weight is reached. Then comes the third phase for maintaining results. It may last for the rest of your life 🙂 No salt or fat in cooking ideally.

The first day of our rice diet is nothing but fruit and cereal. For example, some oatmeal with raisins and an apple for breakfast, rice and beans for lunch, whole grain bread with fruit for dinner. Prunes and apples are very advisable. On the second day, you could fix some quinoa, milk and strawberries for a tasty lunch. The other six days are for dairy, whole grains and vegetables. Dairy has to be nonfat of course.

During your second phase, you may cook some fish or meat and some fresh salad (one day per week), the usual meals are grains and fruit, cereal with milk, healthy toasts etc. When you finally get to the last phase you will be allowed to eat more 😉 Instead of one festive day with fish and meat you will have two.
The first day of the week remains the same Basic type (grains and fruit) as well as four days of lacto-vegetarian diet. You can have some brown rice for dinner with a glass of tomato sauce, cooked vegetables with salmon and bread, berries for dessert.

As to the water amounts… you will definitely feel less thirsty than usual during the first week as you will not find anything salty or spicy in your meals. That is why, Mary, please be careful and make sure you drink at least 700 ml of water a day. No matter when – during the meal or in between. Other liquids are allowed too, luckily, so you can replace some water with a cup of herbal tea or homemade lemonade. Traditional coffee is not allowed, only decaffeinated one. But that is already something if you are a coffee addict like me.

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