What home mother-baby workout can you suggest?

Hello everybody! This is my last question for today, and it is connected with the pregnancy of my friend that I have already mentioned. She has told me that she has seen nice videos on the net about yoga exercises, where mom is doing it with her child, of course in the careful and simple way. She also asked me to look for it on the internet so she could do these exercises when her baby is born. I guess it is not so bad so why not? Do you have any recommendations about this type of exercises?

What mom and baby exercises do you know? What mother-baby workout can you suggest me to do at home? What activities are the safest and effective to return into a good body shape after giving birth?
How to work out properly with a monthly baby?

I hope so. Thank you very much for your help and answer!

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Hello Mary! I want to recommend you…
Baby Dancing!

Dancing provides a light cardiovascular workout that involves all the major muscle groups and improves balance and coordination. It’s also sure to elevate your mood, no matter how tired and stressed you might be.

You can do this while holding your baby or with him in a front carrier that keeps him close to your body and supports his head (a carrier with straps that fit over your shoulders and around your waist is best). Just put on some music you love and dance, keeping your abs drawn in. For variety, try intervals of slow and moderately fast music to keep your heart rate elevated. (If your baby is in a carrier, be cautious when turning quickly and avoid bouncing.) Breathe deeply or sing out loud to monitor your exertion level; you should be able to speak without losing your breath.

You also can place your baby in a bouncy seat or swing and dance around him. Make your movements large and animated (reach above your head and stretch your arms out to the sides, for example) and maintain eye contact with him.

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