What other dessert recipes are there wthout sugar?

Hi! I lead a healthy lifestyle, try to eat accordingly and in addition to all this, I’m a diabetic. I discovered I had it not so long ago and It’s still pretty hard getting used to depriving myself of sweets. I’m managing my diet pretty well, but I often have insane cravings for sweets. They literally drive me up the wall! Then I stumbled upon an article about low-calorie desserts without sugar. I was incredibly relieved!

But unfortunately I already tried the recipes from the article and it was hard for me to find something similar. I would love to try some new recipes, now that I have found out that I can still enjoy a good dessert, despite my health and lifestyle.

Many people might have the same issues as I and I’m sure they are more experienced in terms of sugar-free desserts. Please share recipes that fall under the following categories:

  1. Low-calorie, sugar-free recipes with chocolate;
  2. Same recipes with fresh fruit;
  3. A little something with honey and ginger;
  4. Recipes with lemon juice;
  5. Sweet stuff with dried fruit and nuts.

Everything I listed above is my favourite. I appreciate all the answers! Thanks in advance!

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Hello Alice)

With a huge pleasure, I will share with you this amazing recipe.

A light orange salad for every occasion
Today, a salad that is a great and simple mix of flavors. It’s definitely something for amateurs of natural sweets, but also for all those who think that their diet is characterized by boring repetition. Perfect salad for a snack, an extra idea for breakfast, for high tea, for dinner, for guests, for children, for adults.
You will need:
1 large carrot,
100 g raisins,
1 big orange,
1 teaspoon of date syrup,
a handful of cashew nuts,
a few green seedless olives,
herbs and spices: Ella recommends cumin, salt, and pepper. I did not use anything because I love the taste of these ingredients too much to spice them up. 🙂
Prepare in this way:
Peel carrots and “cut” into thin strips with a vegetable peeler. Place them in a bowl or a selected plate. Raisin the raisins with boiling water and leave it for the time of preparing the salad. Peel the orange, remove the white peel and cut into cubes. Fry it a few minutes together with the date syrup (and possibly cumin). After frying, place the orange on the carrot. Fry the cashew nuts on the same pan. We roast them gently for 2-3 minutes. We add them to the salad, and then also olives and raisins.

Bon Appetit!

Hi there! Try 2-ingredient homemade peach ice cream:
You need:
2 cups frozen peach slices
¼ cup coconut milk (+ 1 tbsp)
diced peaches and/or mint sprigs (optional garnishes)

Place the frozen peaches in a food processor and process until peaches have started to break down, 4 to 5 minutes.
Add the coconut milk and process until a creamy and smooth “soft-serve” texture forms.
Spoon the soft serve into bowls and serve immediately.
Garnish with diced peaches and mint if desired.

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