What should I chose to lose weight – yoga or exercise? What is better?


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Greetings everybody, as you know, I am Lorry and I have two more questions about yoga. So, yesterday i had a very interesting conservation with my friends while we were having dinner and suddenly we began talking about diets and sports and my friend told me that yoga is much better and then another one said that it is false and exercises are better. The discussion turned hot and I understood that I am inclined to opinion that yoga is better and more useful than exercises. And what about you? What do you think about this discussion? What are your opinions and why?

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    Hi Lorry!
    It is great to see an interesting question like this! I have actually thought about this problem too.. Here is what I have come up with:
    1.Everyone is different. So are our bodies. That is the key thing here. Perhaps, that one friend of yours, who is “keen on” yoga, has actually experienced the positive effects of it. The other one saw the same results but from doing the exercises. What I mean, is that you need to listen to what you inner voice tells you to take up in order to lose weight, “find yourself”, cross of “learn how to do splits” out of your bucket list or whatever you have there in mind..
    2. Yoga and doing exercises sound like pretty opposite things. However, they do have some things in common. Yoga includes some physical strength to do such stuff like forearm stand/ head stand/the crow or other various and unbelievable poses. The difference is that the first one is not as effective as the exercises in “ I want to lose some lbs soon “ case. Choose your priorities right.
    3.No one said you can’t combine things. For instance, try getting up earlier and do some morning yoga activity and somewhere between 3-4 go to the gym etc. Jog at 5 am and do that goddamn head standing before bed. Sit in a lotus pose and go for the late evening bike ride. Mix it and do not be afraid of using your creativity. Who knows, but maybe you will become the one to discover all of your body’s opportunities?
    4. Try everything and choose the best option. I think that yoga would be the best one for the mindset clearing. While the exercises can help you with visual motivation to move forward and become even better you.
    5.Find the right balance (sounds pretty yoga, right?). It is not about what is the best, but what will actually work out perfectly for YOU. Have your opinion and do not let others make choices for you. (I hope you got the message right, because I am usually not as good with words as Taylor Swift’s new era).
    6. Just turn on some good jam and do what you want today, tomorrow and so on.

    You should literally always keep in mind that physical activity does help with everything, even if your chosen (favourite) type of it is quite opposite to your friend’s one.

    Stay true to yourself and work some sweat!

    Hope you will find something useful in this ramble…:)

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